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Apollo's Lover

Secret Diary

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I wrote this a while ago when I thought we could all use something a little less heavy and meant to post it here but then I didn't, so here it is now:


We should all keep a secret diary

in which to deposit our stupidest thoughts

and lamest jokes that no one else will laugh at

you know, the ones that follow no reasonable logic

and reference 3 different fandoms

and a good handful of inside jokes


We all need a secret diary

inside a well-worn leather cover

or a very private online document

or maybe in the margins of our most boring notebook

whatever suits us best


It's all right to have a secret diary

it's not silly as long as no one finds out

and they better not find out

'cause if they do we'll be in trouble, won't we

people might find out who we really are

what a scandal!

no no we can't have that


So let's hold on to our secret diaries 

don't let go of who we've learned to be

or who we've just stumbled into becoming

or who we've run away from but ended up as anyway

because it's not just any old person who can see us all the way through

so we'd better look good and hard ourselves

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