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here's to us

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here's to us, 

because we have not split apart.

our embraces were not shattered by

different schools and

we have not been confused by our different stories,

our years have not been lost in the past, we have not fallen into that type of silence

so loud it's just like static,


it's us against time and we're winning.

long train rides and new people and other plans have not dissuaded us

we did not dissolve,

like so much of everything else

and we have not stayed the same

but we have not left each other alone

and I could not be more happy.


This is for my best friend, and even though we've gone to different schools for a while now, we've stayed friends and I got really happy about it on the train so I wrote this. Please give advice! I'm not sure if I want to give it to her or not.


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respect existence or expect resistance

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Yes give it to her! My best friend and I are like that too. We haven't gone to school together since kindergarten.

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