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I know from experience that the going 
is almost always easier than showing up
unannounced, unplanned, even unwanted.
(They didn’t expect you, 
and their discomfort showed)

So. I’ve learned to slip away after a little while.
Enough time has gone by and I detach myself again,
become a recluse, 
drift with the thistledown 
and hide in the cornfield. 
I am disguised by bumblebee wings and sticky spiderweb,
pale and confused in the middle of the unforgiving river.
(I perched on a rock and watched the fireflies blink
and noticed that no one ever comes 
when you don’t want to be alone)
When the sun rose I was gone again 
and maybe then the people I loved left their burdens
behind. They feel lighter in my mind now. 

I remember the stories - 
the monster is the villain in the end
and I’ve been the weird one for a long time. 
I decide to leave the broken promises,
let my words drift off into the trees
and be forgotten, find myself lost 
in a waking dream. And just maybe,
when I haven’t seen a familiar face in days, 
I’ll turn back towards my dying town
and wave goodbye.

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constantly confused

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