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Welcome to being a Human

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Welcome to being a human.
We are forever in a time continuum, wondering what dictates the transition of one moment to the next.
Thats all time is really, how we percieve the forward path of the next moment. 
We use a clock, as a poor visual representation of life, death, growth, and loss, all moving foward, forever advancing.
See, the things that we use to visualize the motion of theoretical time change, are wrong.
Our minds, are the only thing that keeps times existence, without our mind, time forever stops. 
Some people ask, what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable wall, time, and the human mind is the answer.
Time, in our relative mind, is forever moving foward, but when the only vessel of that wisdom dies, time no longer exists.
Everything exists, and doesnt exist. 
When you die, the sun has burnt out, the human race no longer exists.
The earth has been obliterated by the suns explosion, our galaxy has succumbed to a black hole, the fabric of reality will have existed, and not existed, the Second you die.
Time, in our minds, is the reason 1 minute is 1 minute, and 1 lightyear is 1 lightyear. When you stop percieving time in this way, it moves on, infinitely, all at once.
Welcome to being a human, where the only reason the universe hasn't stopped existing, is because of you.

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