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my prison is a gilded frame

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i oversaturate shamelessly, for the psyche in my brain back burners

that i don’t see but that courses like electricity through my body

skull cluttered subconscious parts that bleed through when i don’t mean for them to

if my ichor ran like acrylics when i hurt, would you

believe i was a masterpiece inside and out?

i want to be your color splash, your tinted glasses, your eleventh marilyn

so vibrant your eyes burn

baby, i’m my own magnum opus and i know it

venus, mona, they’ve got dead eyes

but i’ve learned that blurry cameras equal authentic smiles and the beauty in real people

so don’t be surprised

i’m the heat lightning in the dark and i’m a short circuiting wire,

a force like gravity, i’ll make you fall deep and paint my name inside your eyelids

oh, darling,

i’ll set rome ablaze before you realize

what you’ve set


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