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sugar coating melts under heat

and over time

the bitter pill remains

burning in the back of the throat

passive voice

it didn’t happen to you it merely occurred

life is a stream of too-big bitter pills

and yet you smile genuinely

and yet wit triumphs over will

speak of unspeakables with no hesitation

only speak to assure you that the line isn’t dead

no sympathetic sounds until you mention a note

none of us would ever want to read

how heart wrenching a room full of everything you owned is

when none of will ever be touched

by the individual that made it all so

(even at the edge of the precipice

the end of the labyrinth

you’d make a joke.

alternately, you’d write it in verse)

relativity in strength

of mind and body, balancing the weight of a thousand words

that you likely wish feel a thousand lifetimes old

I have no ending as you didn’t


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