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On Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye will never be easy. No matter how many years we have to practice it. It doesn’t matter that some of us will see each other again in just a few weeks, or that most of us will be going on to bigger and better things. This will always be that place that made us who we are. And I can’t believe I might be saying goodbye for the last time. I cant believe 5 years has gone by so quickly. I look around for maybe the last time. This isn’t where it started, at least not for me, and I hope this isn’t where it ends either. I see familiar faces some I’ve known for years, some for only a couple of weeks. Some faces I’ll see again some I probably won’t. I can’t believe it has to end here. My eyes fill with tears as I think of all the people, and the memories we’ve made. The laughter and the joy that’s been keeping me going for the last five years. I don’t know what I’m going to do without this.  


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