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how to fall out of love with your best friend:


               before that he was my best friend

                              visit friends you've lost touch with

     your love will win out eventually


what if you loved me back?


               every single thing in this small town reminds me of you and I can't get away from it

                              accept that some people will never love us

 no matter what we do

               slow down or back away


how to fall out of love:


               write them a letter (don't send it)

“i want love on demand,” he said

                                                            most likely will fall in love again


what if it hurts too much and I don’t want to?



Author's note:

google search poem 

i got another crush that ended in me finding out he has a girlfriend and i'm devastated even tho he's finishing college now and there's no chance he'd go for me but he's such a genuinely nice person and listened to me rant about how abracadabra by the brown eyed girls is such a beautiful song and i'm really struggling right now

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