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step 1: update 

- "daylillies" version 2.0: i am doing well, and feeling good and i am sad to say goodbye. i am always sad when i have to leave. but this was really something special. i'm gonna miss this. 

- "daylillies" version 2.1: i'm kinda crying now

step 2: save all memories to a back up drive

- saving..... your first poem on the slam, "socks"

- saving..... the countless username changes you went through 

- saving.... the poems the inspired you to work through writers block, past tricky obstacles, and to write in different styles and ways

- saving..... the comments that helped you learn and laugh

- saving..... 4 years of late nights and rough drafts

- saving..... the strange feeling of belonging, even among total strangers, one that you had never felt before "the slam"

step 3: give final warning

- warning: i'm gonna go now (find me on tumblr @/saphicheart)

step 4: unplug


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all my love, benny

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