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Attention, CICADA community!
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hey, everybody.

i just logged in for the first time in forever, and i saw the news about the site closing. 

 there are some new names on here, and there are some old names i don't see. i don't know how many people will see this, and i know i was never the most active, but i thought i would write this before the site closes. cicada was a place i felt comfortable being myself during a really hard time in my life. i didn't realize how depressed i was while i was in the middle of it, but looking back i can see that i was pretty messed up. but i always felt like i could come here and say whatever i needed to say. @Short_comedian, if you're still on, reading your poems and chatting with you, even if it wasn't very much, definitely made me feel less alone. so, thank you.

thanks to everyone on here, of course, and all the people who run the site, for creating such a wonderful place. 

i wish you all the best of luck with everything.


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