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hello & goodbye

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y'all have probably never seen me around. 

first off, i'm piper; i use she/they pronouns and i've been a reader of cicada for three years.

in january, i learned of the print version going out - at the time, i was expectant of it to live on for a long while, and saw it as an opportunity to finally get involved.

i regret not getting involved sooner.

but now that it is ending, i want to get involved.

pass on the discord link and allow me to get involved; i regret not joining this sooner, especially as a queer person who appreciates truly all of the content here.

cicada gave me a sample of what is now one of my favorite books. reading about robots and making zines and drawing and reading comics just made my day whenever it'd come. cicada was (and is) a favorite magazine of mine. it let me read about people i relate to. it let me feel like i wasn't alone.

i want to get involved. i want to meet y'all. i want to get to know y'all.

thanks for listening to me :)

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piper ~ "I, too, am a fan of brogle."

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