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A Lost Boy's Christmas List

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A Bucket of coins to sort through

(Money for my transition)

A set of dumbbells

(Biceps pumped full of testosterone)

Leather bi fold wallet

(I know you're gonna botch this up with a feminine wallet and southern ideals)

Andele or Spitfire skateboard bearings

(fast, like the hate rolling off your tongues)

Vans and Hollister gift cards

(God knows you'd get me dresses)

Broadway merch and tickets

(My voice is heard somewhere)

Gameboy color pokemon yellow

(At least Professor Oak knows I'm a boy)

Leather dress belt

(Bound to gender roles)

Plague for PC

(Because at least being trans isn't a disease)


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Not quite sure where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere, that's for sure.

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As someone who's used a lot of parentheses in poetry before, I commend you on how you used them here.

Also, I've been reading your work for about three years now, and I've loved seeing your thought process through the years as you've figured out how to say who you are.

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