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Wandering Monster

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I am a wandering monster,

Purple furred and golden horned,

Glowing eyed and warped.

I am out in the woods 

And the old weathered mountains,

Searching in the haunted breeze

For lonely, wordless ghosts.

I’m full of memories and lost time,

Mournful wolf notes and drifting leaves.

I’m tied down wings and too sharp claws

For a little bit innocent monster.

I’m stuck in the tumbling houses

Next to the river

Where rope swings in ocean-wheat fields sway in the sun.

I’m hidden in caves

Where crystal and water-drips

Make clear hollow songs.

I’m sharp teeth and clumsy paws,

Full of good intentions and bumbling mistakes.

I’m a beast doing humanity all wrong

But maybe it’s okay,

Because a wandering monster

Might find its way in the world

When it bumps into other misfits

Out in the forest

And it won’t be alone anymore.

So I stay a wandering monster,

Dangerous but small enough to hide away,

Still waiting in the ancient trees

And watching the starry sky

For a sign of belonging.

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