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I wish I had wings.

I would wrap them tight around you

And all the fragile glass people,

The little blinking lights,

Who I care so much about.

I would reach out with soft feathers and strong arms

To protect you, keep you safe.

I don’t want to lose anyone else,

See them slip through my fingers like pebbles

Or too-smooth river rocks.

I want to be powerful, a fighting force

That won’t let anyone fade away,

But humans can’t be those glowing angels

And I can’t fly on golden wings.

These are all the things that are out of my control.

You’ll fall and tumble out of my embrace and

I’ll stumble with the weight of letting go.

It’s not fair to be so weak and frail!

I rail against these little brittle bones.

I should’ve been born a hero,

But I’m small and ‘pure’ and new to this world and

They knew worse from the moment they were born.

I worry from the depths of my soul

Yet I cannot save them.

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