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I'd never seen you mad before

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i don’t know what you would have done, nothing really happened so nothing would be the appropriate response

you threatened to kill him burn him beat him even though

he barely touched me he failed to touch me in any way he could have wanted

i was fine because nothing happened because he failed because i didn’t say anything

because i was more worried about his size and his friend egging him on than his face

i couldn’t read your expression but i could almost feel how you pushed the anger down feel the heat of your anger dripping into the words

i’d never seen you angry before

much less over me

and my panic wasn’t for meant you i didn’t need your pity i didn’t need you to worry i didn’t need you to know

if you treated me like i was fragile i might snap in two and pierce you with my sharp edges as you dropped me

you might ignore the fact that i was okay as an excuse to rage against a system we knew was broken

what you hadn’t heard was how i shoved past him out of the cage against the lockers past the eyes and hands past the friends who laughed at him as his shoulder hit the lockers and i ran

how i had escaped safely with only their words their war cries of bitchslutwhoreprudedyke trailing behind me 

no knights needed just one where i could sleep


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19 minutes ago, queenie_flower said:

no knights needed just one where i could sleep

Wow, this line. Well done.

Also, you are loved and strong, and I hope you can continue to rage against this broken system. 

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