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Old Dog and I

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I watch you. From the old Floral Printed couch. The One we got to annoy him. I wished it was this one we got rid of at the time instead of the one we got for free on the side of the road. That one held no bad memories for us. It's just you and me Old Dog. Just Us and no more him.  I smile softly. Your Paw are twitching from a dream. I can't help but wonder if you're dreaming about the Black cat that teases you from across the way. Do You catch him or does he stunter away. He is such an entitled Cat. One day You'll chase him up that tree, Old Dog and you'll win. 

 I'm probably watching you like a Creepy old lady. But that's the greatest thing about you Old Dog. You don't care. I could call you an old fart and You wouldn't pay attention, Even when you could hear me five years ago all you would do is wag your tail and demand me to scratch you somewhere.  The things we could do those years gone by. We could go for walks with no aches or pains. We could go for long ride with out any bathroom breaks. We never  needed to get up at a certain time for Pills and we only needed to be back by Dinner time. So He wouldn't come home to an empty house.  Oh how I long those Days when it wasn't just you and I. Not that our days now are Bad, Old dog. But don't you miss those Sunday rides to the Dive in theater? to watch those old movies with those old actors that reminded Him of our prime. He would always get you a vanilla Ice cream and me a Peanut Butter Crunch. And then he would reach in under his seat and Pull out a bag of Cheerios. There was nothing Better than Peanut Butter ice cream and Cheerios. 

Old Dog do you remember the day we got you? You were scared and tiny. We were too.. you know. We hadn't owned a dog for years. Buster was the last and we got him when he was nine. There were no such things as Puppy stages with him. He was a calm Dog. All Black with only a little tan Spot above his left eye. He was more His dog then Mine. Not like you. But you... Old Dog. You were only eight weeks old. Our friends thought we were Nuts. We were both in our late sixties and getting older. The Aches and Pains were starting to set in. But when we saw your Picture Old Dog we couldn't help it. With Your Yellow fur and then Black snout. Your Speckled paws were so cute. But It was your eyes that caught our attention. They were so happy looking so full of Freedom. We were an Old Couple finally retired and ready to relax. But we didn't want to do that completely. We both secretly wanted to visit our glory days. We wanted that kind of freedom you had in your eyes. 

I watch your chest rise and Falter for a moment.  My Own Breath doing the same. Is it your time Old Dog? When you finally let out that breath and breath another. I relax. Last winter I watched His chest do that before he died. Before he left me and you alone in the cold world. Just you and Me Old Dog. But just Promise me one thing My Boy. Please just don't leave me. 

This world... Is not meant for just me. 

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