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Oh, my darling

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But oh, my darling,
I wanted to give you the stars
But I couldn't reach them.
And oh, my darling, 
You could find those stars in a mirror if you just looked. 
Oh, my darling,
You don't see the stars in your eyes
The way you used to.

Oh, my darling,
How I wish you could see yourself the way the world does.
Because oh, my darling,
They don't see what you do and you don't see what they do. 
And oh, my darling, 
You aren't trying to understand,
Oh, my darling,
You have boxed yourself in.

Oh, my darling, 
You are important,
And oh, my darling,
Don't you understand?
Oh my darling, 
People love you so,
And oh my darling,
We still miss you.


look it’s been three years exactly since someone I knew killed herself and I still remember how she said goodbye to me for the first time in days the last day she was at school. 

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