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         I see her on the other side of stained glass

         Mothers daughter, biting into a peach    as I

         Pierce a nectarine with my incisors


         Her skin fits better on her than it does on me

         Her hair is short and she wears her glasses    all the time

         She thinks of science and magic and formulas turned poetry


         Her name is never found in gift shop novelties

         But neither is mine. Theres that in common, at least.

         Shes glad her name doesnt have as much of a built-in joke     as her sisters

         I am howling with laughter at my witty reference turned laughingstock nomenclature


         She doesnt search for single bathrooms

         Or worry about institutionalized binaryism

         The wrong words insect crawl/cat scratching on     ill-fitting skin


         Her brain doesnt shut down at too much noise and

         Her heart knows enough not to hurt herself

         Shes still grown out of        boys,          though

         There are small similarities


          Girlhood is close to her heart and she knows who she  is       But        shes not me

         On the other side of stained glass I dub myself plurality

         Cast binaries into the void of imperfect past

         A smart girl thinks        shell be somebody,     but a wise person knows    they are No One



[Author's note: this is one of the last pieces I posted on the old forum. My nonbinary identity is very important to me, and I've been happier this past year coming to terms with my identity, and coming out!]

O. Captain / Cap / Nevermore || fae/faer, they/them, it/its, neutral pronouns

your local space captain and eldritch horror extraordinaire

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