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I don't know how

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Will I ever find a home?

When pigs fly perhaps,

Or when I have more history

Inside me than the stones do,

Weathered, fingers blue with time.

Will I learn how to love?

I’ve lost so many friends,

Too many foxes to be able to tell.

Sharp teeth have left my heart

Unfixable, unbreakable at least.

Red fur burns like fire in my memory.

I wish I could tell you that I don’t know how,

But you wouldn’t understand.

Can I fade away somehow?

I’ll run far from here, disappear

Into forgotten lands full of green pine

And ancient oak trees.

I could escape, search for a wild world

Where no one could find me,

Where I don’t have to be pretty or a good poet.

I’ll be lost on an empty island

Where I won’t have to wake up

To the coldhearted twin in my mirror.

She won’t be there to remind me

That it’s too late to change.

constantly confused

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