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In this Case

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The crisp snaps of branches and crinkling of leaves are a tail tell sign of impending danger 

In this case the click of the door handle rattling

The sound of foreign speech closes in

In this case the clearing of a throat 

The frozen growl stuck in its chest

In this case my anxious sigh

Its Pupils dialate 

In this case my breathing deepens with dread

They appear from the woods too close 

In this case they walk through the door

Its Lips raise in warning 

In this case Mine raise in a careful smile

They watch with predatory eyes

In this case they watch with anger 

It arches it's back to look bigger 

In this case I shrug my shoulders together preparing

They start forward stick up in the air

In this case they speak

It snarles 

In this case I freeze like prey

They hit it in the face 

In this case they look down on me with dark eyes

It lashes back

In this case I nod my head agreement 

They try to hit it again but miss

In this case they dig harder but anger softens

It bites hard, furious

In this case I look away eyes downcast 

They yelp and back off lesson learned for now

In this case they smile and apologize with empty words

It growls loud and watchs them limp away

In this case I nod my head and let them shut the door in my face

It walks over to me bleeding and angry

In this case I kneel down to clean it's cuts

It wraps around my heart careful of all the tender spots

In this case I welcome it with open arms

It stands guard ready for They will return

In this case we are the same



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