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Soul of the Universe

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It walks the endless void,

Traverses the blackness

Where it was born from silence

And starlight several eons ago.

Sometimes it stretches out its ember fingers

And touches stars, sets planets in motion.

It’s fathomless, bigger than galaxies,

Swirling with the blue-green-purple dust of the aether.

The blood of novas flows through its veins

And its eyes shine with wonder

As nebulas form, bringing the beginning

Of worlds to life.

The being is not kind, not violent,

It is simply a cycle; creation and destruction,

Outer space oceans rising and falling.

It grasps all of time in its hands

And we can’t understand it’s great, slow thoughts.

It walks the crumbling asteroid belts and

It’s never forgot since the start of everything

How to sing of black holes and solar systems

And star whales being born.

It sounds like death

And life, which are the same thing out in the emptiness.

It is profound, this being,

And it is the soul of the universe.

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