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for past selves in the finals season

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a fluttering pulse becomes this arrhythmic bassline 
that hesitantly reverberates in my fingertips and 
i refuse to admit i possess these twitching hands

tap out the rhythm of caffeine and albuterol 
on toff’s podium in the gould library, snap

i’m not shaking
he tells me 

certain research is impossible to find no matter 
where you look and certain facts are unavoidable 
and some days, i hate these bloody truths
because they have become newly debatable 

the colorful paperclips of an argument are 
littered across the desk and i test the malleability 
of an idea between my nails: surprisingly flexible

we are only somewhat our convictions, i concede 
and retreat without the need for dignity

qui n’avance pas, recule

the statue flicks his tail in disgust


Author's note - I wrote a poem off of @woundedBirds's logopoetics prompt, and here it is. It's probably ridiculously cryptic, but if you want me to explain my thought process, please ask. Also, I'm conducting a survey about a possibly (im)possible idea I have and would love to collect some more replies. Check it out here: http://cicadamag.com/index.php?/forums/topic/9932-in-which-ainm-has-an-impossible-idea/


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