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time capsule

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these are the things that i still cannot tell you:

•  i have memorized the spaces you inhabit,
hoping to know you better through them

•  the day we went together to red robin, in
the rain, it was always my intention to let you
forget you were wearing my jacket until we'd
parted ways

•  one hundred miles is not a lot, in the scheme of
things. i will not let it pull us apart

•  i wear the hat you made for me often enough
that those seeing me daily notice when it's gone

•  the day we met, i knew i wanted to know you
well enough to love you

•  and i do. i do love you.

•  i love you for your strengths, for your faults,
your shortcomings; i love you for your rips and
rents and every impurity. i love you for your joys,
for your achievements, and i love you for your
losses. i love you for anything you could ever
throw at me, and i love you for everything you
choose not to because you're not ready.

•  every time i see a beautiful thing i think of you

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holla holla get dolla

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