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The Clicking Of an opening case

The swish of  Gold hued Wings Gliding through the air

Stretching out the Wrinkles of Time




They Speak to Me

Be Free

They Hum The familiar Melody

And so I do

We start to Soar

In an Open A Sky

And Glide with a soft squealing E

We pass through the Cold Mist of Unforgotten Clouds

They serve as Reminders 


Fly Higher!

They Laugh 

Like hail hitting the window

And so I do 

Higher and Higher

Closer to the sun

Closer to the Bright Yellow star

Calling our names

Like Moths to a Flame

Striving for warmth

We Fly


The Air is getting thin

No Longer are we in the Open A sky

We are so far from home




They shout into the wind

And So I try

But The air Gets thinner

Our Notes Shorter and Harsher

Panting With exertion 

And I Fall 

I'm falling

WE are Falling

The air forgetting to support our weight

Too Thin to keep our wings afloat

A's and B's

F's and C's 

E's and G's 

come rushing out








They Scream

Blood Curdling 

Shivers down your spine

Help Us! 

Help Me!

I Cry

I Yell so loud my throat Burns 

My Lungs Give out

My Veins Strain 

Oh Sweet God of mine Please Save Us!

I can't Breath...






The Snaps of a case

The Sniffles of Wings sliding back into place

Molting Feathers as if Everything were only a Flicker





Still editing... But I need to get to work and I wrote it on here so I figured I might as well Post it and see what You guys think needs work.  Help a Person out? haha. 



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I really like this poem - the way the words sound next to each other, the imagery. I especially like 'The Sniffles of Wings sliding back into place' line. 

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constantly confused

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