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forth from whence they came

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1. She came from the grass
Until someone yanked her up at the root
Shoved in a sizable ship, she sobbed
And her tears were lost instantly to the great, bellowing ocean
On and on, she went
O’er the tumultuous tides for eternity
But hark!
An island of hope!
A torch through the mist
A light to her beetle black despair
And suddenly, upon grass she was again

From Welsh dances to car radio tunes
Because evolution, of course,
Is inevitable
A sternly gripped steering wheel was all she could see over the walls enclosing her
And she wept like her great grandmother, yes indeed
A misery known only to midsummer nights on an empty highway

Little could be recalled about her dog eared childhood
Except for maybe a pair of Nike’s loved to rags
And empty crab traps perched precariously on a dusty shelf
The rest enveloped in cigarette smoke like fog over the ocean
Hidden maybe, but also protected

She forged a trail with a heart brazened by her beloved
A self-paved road in the heat of the summer
To a rainier place
And after that any adventures weren’t quite as arduous
The paths slightly smoother
Or maybe she was just more tough


2. He came from the wind
Airborne with the clouds beneath his feet
Growing, easing, changing constantly
Until dreary drafts dropped him in central Los Angeles
And left him to his mother’s hand

How uncanny
That a life on the move had brought him only
To an apartment building filled with overhanging sedentarism
The walls soaked with his brother’s tears
The streets red in the eyes of the sinking sun

He grew up trapped
But when he met her, he felt renewed
She was the birdkeeper releasing him from a cage of unsolicited sorrow
And coaxing him back to the city chaos with which he belonged

Off they went together
Singing to guitar music played on cassette tapes
Towards the unstoppable future with bright eyes and restless minds
Eager to pry open the cracks in their history with worn fingertips
And find a home nestled within the swirling sea of the city

3. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SFO Airport.
Local time is 3:35 and the temperature is 64 degrees.
For your safety and comfort,
please remain
seated with your seat belt fastened unti


A home they found indeed
On the bank of yet another escapade
With the possibility of the road always stretching out before them
But perhaps there would be no need for running away
Because for once in their lives
They longed only to grow old in such a place that they loved


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