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Dear Airport Terminal Boy

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Dear airport terminal boy:

I have to admit, you’re kind of cute

My vision was a little blurry since I didn’t have my glasses on

But looking at you, I began to feel something pertaining to captivation


Airport terminal boy, what do you think of flying?

How do you feel knowing that you’re hurtling through the air, 

Haphazardly stirring up wind currents as you go

Personally, it scares the shit out of me

But what about you?


I think I like writing about you more than actually talking 

Since no words passed between us as I watched you from a few feet away

But who knows, maybe you’re a writer too

Maybe you’re thinking about me this second

And feeling the phrases unfurl at your fingertips


I find it incredible

That you, that everyone around me,

Can live lives so drastically separate and still converge at a common commotion-point

Swirling memories that dart back and forth as fast as the red hand on the clock

Gone so quickly you wonder if they were your imagination

Was it all a hallucination?

Am I really here?


And though fortune favors the bold

I am anything but courageous 

Maybe in another time I would have waved at you before walking away

But right now I can only hope to cross paths again someday

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