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Attention, CICADA community!
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We are very excited to have you, yes you, at The Slam, CICADA's online writing community! Here's what you need to know to get started. 


What to Post

  • Sonnet sequences: Yes.
  • Flash fiction: Definitely. 
  • Haiku journalism: We want to read it. 
  • Personal essay: For sure. 
  • Pantoums: More Nineteenth-Century French Court than we tend to go ourselves, but have at it.
  • RP threads: Absolutely.
  • Art: Dazzle us.
  • Intellectually intense debates about the merits of actor Jeff Goldblum: ALWAYS.


What Not to Post

  • Absolutely NO racist/homophobic/transphobic language or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated in our forums.

    Our blacklist feature will automatically flag content containing slurs and certain other words, so they won’t be posted automatically until a mod reviews it. If we think those words are being used by a member of a marginalized group to respectfully discuss a sensitive subject, we might approve it.

  • No personal attacks/insults/flaming/abuse. Our forums are a safe place for everyone!

  • Sexuality is beautiful! (/strange/confusing/awkward/terrifying/embarrassing/ecstatic) Post your poems and stories, autobiographical or fantastical, of love, lust, longing, confusion, good dates, bad dates, unrequited crushes, and tender friendship. One limit: nothing graphic, please! 

  • Some violent content is okay (with appropriate content/trigger warnings), but please don’t post anything too graphic.

  • Don’t post personal information about you/your guardians—sure, parents/legal guardians get on our nerves sometimes, and art can be a great place to work through the friction in those relationships. Just bear in mind that your Slam user name doesn't guarantee privacy: don't share things you wouldn't be comfortable with your guardians tracking down (if you really need to talk privately about troubles with parents/legal guardians, check out the teen hotlines


Who Can Post 

Anybody ages 14-23. For legal reasons, you must be 14 or older to participate in The Slam. For highly detailed legalese, take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions which govern this site and which you have agreed to by your use.


Please Keep in Mind

  • When critiquing another Slammer’s work, rigor and passion are encouraged, but stay constructive and respectful!
  • If you see a post that violates any of our rules that we haven’t noticed yet, please report it so we can address it.
  • If your work contains potentially triggering material (i.e. discussion of abuse, violence, self-harm), please include a content warning in the subject line.


What Happens if I Break the Rules? 

It depends on the situation. Users posting hate-speech or abusive content of any kind will be banned immediately. Less severe offenses will earn up to two warnings from our moderators, and if the user breaks the rules a third time, they will receive a ban. We’re all friends here, so let’s be good to each other.