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    • @thepensword why do I feel like crying...this is exactly what I didn't know I needed to hear. thank you so so so much. sending buckets of love your way. <3

    • i wrote so much about you, my love, and like the timeless greeks,

      i compared you to marble and the gods, 

      and i deified you so much that when i think about your name,

      i do not know who you are


      and I know i said i was over you but, 

      i am bad at quitting things and as much as i hate it,

      i am weak willed, my love, and like wicked ivy,

      the gorgeous idea of you has trapped me in a firm embrace,

      and i am running out of oxygen.


      author's note: back on my bullshit

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    • I taught the oaks and the maples because I support equal education opportunities.

    • How did you celebrate Earth Day?

    • there's a fog in my mind

      and bees in my throat

      there is a deafening silent pain

      to being sick

      and things to be done

      are sailboats caught on a tide

      i am reaching, grasping—

      wading through molasses

      my voice is locked inside my chest

      and my thoughts alongside it

      drop it to the bottom of the ocean

      may the mermaids guard it

      i'll see you when i relearn to swim

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    • hey ok so this? 

      13 hours ago, writeandleft said:

      "what if you're lying?"

      "what if you're actually straight and just being stupid?"

      "what if you come out as queer but it turns out you're not and you look like a complete idiot?"

      this is something i struggled with big time when i was trying to figure out who i was. i was afraid to identify because what if i was wrong? what if i was (for lack of a better word) 'appropriating' the identity? i have since come out to myself and to others and my advice to you is this: you aren't lying to anyone, you're not appropriating any identities, and you aren't hurting anyone. feel free to identify. say, "i'm bi" or "i'm a lesbian". or any other term you think might be right. try out that label for a while. see how it fits. if it doesn't, return it to the store and try on something else. maybe it wasn't you but at least you learned from it. it's not a huge deal. and if it does fit, then that's all the better, because now you know yourself better than before. people talk about coming out a lot and how much of a challenge it is but what isn't talked about is just how hard it is to come out to yourself. so take your time, don't worry about anyone else, and consider coming out to yourself, even if for just a little while, even if in the end it turns out you were wrong. it's not a lie. it's just another step towards discovering who you are. 

      identity is a challenging concept no matter the subject. i hope you find yourself eventually and we're here for you in the meantime. <3

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    • The monsters under the mountain are angry tonight,
      Calling and wandering and lost, 
      Wondering where their souls are.
      I want to bring them back, I think, 
      Into the grass covered hills and standing stones,
      The ancient, rune carved rocks and foggy moors. 
      Like ghosts, they don’t belong here, but 
      They don’t deserve to drift into the darkness. 
      Just like us, they need to be found and remembered. 

      If I lay my hand flat against the stones
      I can feel them humming, 
      Thrumming with underground mystery.
      Under the mist I can hear the monsters 
      And they want to get out, tear their way
      Up from the caverns and look at the stars
      Because they’re less far away if you’re free. 
      So I sing a song I was taught once
      About light and leaving the dark behind and then

      The monsters crawl out of the mountains
      And into the trees, hiding away from a world 
      Neither they nor I can understand. 
      I can’t call them down
      So I climb up the bending branches and 
      Hook my claws into the bark, curl my tail
      Around the trunks and stare up at the sky
      We all wish we could reach. 
      I don’t find the monsters around me
      Strange anymore, we’re too similar 
      For nervous fear and mistrust;
      We’re all motley, colored and confused,
      A mess of paws and wings and ink. 
      Our eyes glow at the edge of the blackness
      And we watch the world turn below,
      Without us, because up here
      We’re not monsters anymore, just alive. 

    • @justaddbooks @drowntown @Apollo's Lover thank you guys so much, this means the world!! <3

    • The stanza with the quotes? I told myself the exact same things. I remember in fourth grade having a crush on a girl and telling myself I was lying to myself. I told myself that all the way until this year. And I was scared to come out for the same reason! But I think I've figured it out now; you'll get there too.

    • take your time. it took me forever because of religious bullshit. youll get there <3