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    hey logan? i love you
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    Okay, chapbooks. Chapbooks are an incredibly cool form of low-cost publishing. Chapbook history here. Today, chapbooks can be collections of your best work, collections of work done within a certain time period of your life, collections done on a theme, etc., but they're generally small (think 10-20ish poems), produced in small quantities (I produced 50 of mine), and made with care (nice paper, hand bound, really cool covers, the works). [Side note: I honestly think my chapbook is cooler in the physical version because of these things.] At any rate, chapbooks are a really incredible medium, and I highly recommend this project. Also, a class that I took in college (Advanced Poetry Workshop) talked a lot about chapbooks, and then each of my classmates and I produced a chapbook of our own at the end of the class. If anyone wants me to post pictures of cool examples of chapbooks from aforementioned class, let me know!
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    omfg id love to see a few chapbooks!!! my mom knows how to bookbind and i know a little bit about it and now im really interested
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    Lovely imagery in this! I would love to a version of this that includes something about the astrophysics of sunspots, especially since the internet informs me that sunspots are "caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection" and "usually appear in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity" (Wikipedia). But perhaps I'm just being a nerd. That is a definite possibility. :P
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    Dear Higher Powers that Be, You granted a stupid, ridiculous, childish, wish from my past. You have made a mistake, I hope. For there is nothing I could have done so good as to receive my wish, or so bad as to be put through this. My eight year old self, sitting bored on the scratchy grass of the soccer field, she didn't mean it. She was only a child. I know that something like yourself(ves) exists now. Was it my lack of faith that brought this upon me? I can't think of a single person who would thank you for this late gift, which quite literally took the air from my lungs. Thank you for the scars of purple lightning etched into my skin, For the reliance on the steroids that I am dependent on and are supposed to save me. Thank you for the panic caused, for all of the special exceptions. For all of the hundreds of dollars spent on medicine so I could properly do the easiest thing in this world. I never wanted their pity. My younger, silly, self sitting alone on the soccer field, she wanted attention. But not pity. My younger self didn't think of the pain I would have to go through. She was merely being selfish. I would like to that you, Power(s) that Be, for the knowledge that I am not, in fact, invisible. I am sure that if you had only given me time, I would have realized this myself. I thank you for my stupid childhood wish, to be different, and all of the pain it had brought everyone around me. Thanks a lot.
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    oh man i know this feeling. hang in there.
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    by Aries Nichols Searching. (drifting.) She carried me in a sling and walked an hour long trail that revolves around the doors of cafés Now I’m finally walking, and she asks me to get her coffee, but I never shoot a bird at rest, so I never cut across the grass. Stains cost your shoes as you step and flatten the grass as a tire flattens a squirrel. All to bring a cup to you, you know? She doesn’t know. it’s painful to see. But I remember how she smiled at the grass when it waved, and she let it grow tall to smile every day. Standing. (sinking.) This skin on your hands wrinkling. Every year, we shrink, we get creases instead of rings. My hands fill with splinters, but I’m almost free. I get my grip on the branch of a tree I need this view. It’s the only way to see. Down there, I can’t breathe through the coffee and gasoline. I lift my hand, an oak leaf. And it drifts, lost at sea. Am I my mother? Reaching? (missing.) But it’s almost in reach. I want that cloud, you know? The one that looks like me.