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    does it need to involved full-frontal nudity dissociations we're going for it! kept pushing the sexy I know you're a good Catholic machine "sexy love interest" fishman mutant, known as The Ass These advantages suggest that fishman mutant might be able to outperform humans actually fuck the girl. machines are able to flexibly adapt a fuck At the same time This character has to be sexy. someone could actually fall in love with him and want to take their clothes off in his presence. wet, black lagoon who actually gets the girl Machines cannot weigh the value of a lethal autonomous fishman mutant Versatility is your best characteristic. Author's Note: none of these words are mine. i cut and pieced together bits of phrases and words and sentences from an article about The Shape of Water and then my friend in poetry class let me cut up the article they brought in, called Should we fear killer robots? the very last line is from a fortune cookie fortune i found on the floor. and, believe it or not, "'sexy love interest' fishman mutant, known as The Ass" was an entire phrase i cut from my article skjgdjfskfjs almost no editing required (sorry the photo is so bad my camera is a flip phone) fishman mutant article: https://www.themarysue.com/shape-of-water-sex-scene/ should we fear killer robots article: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/14/opinions/ai-killer-robots-opinion-scharre/index.html
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    If you've been reading my work for a while, you'll know that for a while, I mentioned someone I called Jason of the Argonauts in my poetry for a while...Well, he's a real person, and he just joined the Slam on Friday!
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    There is no victory In the need for vengeance There is only blood Blood you think is deserved There is no justice In the bones of children being broken Hearts being ripped apart Eyes blinded with the sharp whip Of Holy Hands It all leaves me weak And leaves others dead And leaves me to cry With torn eyes Eyes torn with the sharp whip Of holy hands If you try to Damn me to The Cold embrace of spiders I’ll run The light is a savior I cannot see It is a soft embrace and A wax figure Melting slowly as I speak The light protects me And saves me Over And Over And Over and Over Again
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    I saw you Boy With duck tape over your mouth looking at your straight friend with a yearning to be more Alas I couldn't say a word For there was duck tape over my mouth, too
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    dear love, if you knew how much i loved you, you would not need to search for pieces of heart in small corners, for i am overflowing and more than willing to give Author's Note: hi i'm benny and i am STILL pining. anyway, another writer's block piece about a girl i love also i can't seem to write long poems anymore? like i've fallen in love with 5 line poems and its hard to write something that continues??
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    @X_of_Coins The tea baroness: She has noticed that the modern world has suddenly lost interest in her tea shop, ditching her for the cheaper and higher caffeinated coffee shops. Yours in particular seems to be doing quite well. The only option... destruction.
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    whomst wants to see my finished fall quarter poetry portfolio/technical chapbook
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    Sometimes When I miss you A lot And I feel like I can’t possibly go another minute without you I remind myself If we’re serious about this And if We continue to love each other And if our relationship grows Like I hope we do I’ll have so much time with you I won’t know What to do with myself I’ll wake up next to you And fall asleep the same way In that large-ish house With lots of colors And a dog Or two Or more Then When we have that These classes These long weekends Will feel like Nothing Nothing at all ---------- Ta-da! Further evidence I'm a hopeless mess who procrastinates by loving her girlfriend a lot
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    these are the things that i still cannot tell you: • i have memorized the spaces you inhabit, hoping to know you better through them • the day we went together to red robin, in the rain, it was always my intention to let you forget you were wearing my jacket until we'd parted ways • one hundred miles is not a lot, in the scheme of things. i will not let it pull us apart • i wear the hat you made for me often enough that those seeing me daily notice when it's gone • the day we met, i knew i wanted to know you well enough to love you • and i do. i do love you. • i love you for your strengths, for your faults, your shortcomings; i love you for your rips and rents and every impurity. i love you for your joys, for your achievements, and i love you for your losses. i love you for anything you could ever throw at me, and i love you for everything you choose not to because you're not ready. • every time i see a beautiful thing i think of you
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    It walks the endless void, Traverses the blackness Where it was born from silence And starlight several eons ago. Sometimes it stretches out its ember fingers And touches stars, sets planets in motion. It’s fathomless, bigger than galaxies, Swirling with the blue-green-purple dust of the aether. The blood of novas flows through its veins And its eyes shine with wonder As nebulas form, bringing the beginning Of worlds to life. The being is not kind, not violent, It is simply a cycle; creation and destruction, Outer space oceans rising and falling. It grasps all of time in its hands And we can’t understand it’s great, slow thoughts. It walks the crumbling asteroid belts and It’s never forgot since the start of everything How to sing of black holes and solar systems And star whales being born. It sounds like death And life, which are the same thing out in the emptiness. It is profound, this being, And it is the soul of the universe.
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    So much has been going on I hardly have time to hear my thoughts I just keep going on and don't Really give myself a soulful rest I'm plugging-in to story scapes Trying to give my mind a break The buzzing of the vibrations of constant stimulation Never turns off, but changes Throbbing, robbing my senses In a pool beneath the world Sloshing and stagnating at once I am dissociating When I sleep it is shallow My breathing keeps time to sporadic Metronomes, going on and don't Really have a consistent rhythm I'm plugging-in to story scapes Trying to give my mind a break The buzzing of the vibrations of constant stimulation Never turns off, but changes Throbbing, robbing my senses In a pool beneath the world Sloshing and stagnating at once I am dissociating
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    it is quiet outside the echoes remain in our minds of shoes squeaking on gym floors and feet pounding the court of shouts of anger of screams of victory it is the latest part of night but the bus rattles on and we stay sprawled across the seats too-long legs stretched and tangled together as eyes try to catch flickers of the passing-by it is spilled-ink black outside the jittering windows but silhouettes can be seen faces bathed in addictive blue yellow-white rolls over bodies mirroring the mountains we pass it is simply existing together in this space half-heard music overlapping conversations memories of laughter crowding out the groans of the bus as it limps us home
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    Today I’ll be a hero In my own little way Maybe I’ll chase down a runaway dog Or swing with that lonely girl at the park/ Who knows what I’ll do But I’ll be a hero today Whether I’m helping a lady cross the street Or getting someone on their feet I’ll be a hero today And every day
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    i'm grateful for sunsets and sparkling stars warm sweaters and the generosity of friends when you're cold music that's hard and fast and music that's soft and light music with words, and music to march to words in english like "cattwampus" and words in german like "schildkröte" pixy stix wrappers stuffed inside gloves and jazz shoes to where you can't feel them scary books with bad endings and happy books with good ones ferris wheels and swinging boats, alongside tilt-a-whirls and funnel cakes spooky clouds and huge full moons connections with animals that can't be summed up by simply "horse and rider" cats that bark at squirrels plants, from huge trees to small succulents prismacolor pencils that blend well graphite that's dark enough to shade the darkest of eyes charcoal drawings that require a paintbrush monochromatic color palettes warm and cool colors that work together the ability to instantly communicate with anyone you wish people who reply quickly, even if they're not supposed to be on their phone at that moment in time science, of any kind (except pseudo) candles that fill the whole room with their scent mountains with fall colors on a backdrop of clear blue land that's completely flat, allowing you to just see blue until you can't see anymore mountain ranges that look blue from a distance layers of blankets and warm drinks cool drinks on hot days pretty rocks like dogtooth calcite and honeycomb quartz blue hair dye and pretty girls that use it all these things and more are worth noticing, and worth being grateful for, at least to me anyways.