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    I want to give all of you guys a big hug and tell you it’s going to be okay because I’m having trouble saying in words “I’m sure that hurts and I’m really sorry, I just don’t feel qualified in my straight/cis identity to tell you it’ll get better” and with hugs you don’t really need words.
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    Birdie, I really hope this gets better for you. Know you’re loved here. @woundedBirds I will also call you son, but mostly for shits and giggles bc you’re only slightly older than me and i make a habit of calling people slightly older than me things like kiddo and sweetie pie and son
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    starfield, of empty pitch and streaking sun flares 'cross glass, 'cross windows, through soul mirrors sunder you one self from the next sugar and honeyed violets split between quarter sides, lucky penny neither sweeter, hush and pounce to which do i make acquaintance? splintered sight, oh spin roulette sunder me one self from the next agave and candied ginger split between die faces, lucky number four neither sweeter, melodious and trite to which do you make acquaintance? streaking sun flares 'cross glass, 'cross starfield of empty pitch.
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    I love this. the sounds are beautiful. I just want to wrap myself in your alliteration and vowel sounds. Your word choice makes the poem evoke pretty images and strong aromas and flavors. -Hydralio
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    For the next community poem, starting in January (or whenever), I was thinking someone else should host it/set the guidelines, like when the poem will end, how contributors should format their submissions, poem themes, etc. Thoughts? Do you want to start the next one? I'll format the Nov/Dec poem that everyone has helped write as a single post once it's no longer December. Today is the last day to contribute to this poem. Thank you. Happy New Year!! -Hydralio
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    I'm supposed to be writing an important essay but I keep checking the Slam instead...
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    IM A SON also my paternal instincts are Strong so All Of You Are My Kids, Also
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    also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am maybe going to change my tumblr url and display name here to "mousecircus" if i can? bc i Love Love Love coraline :)
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    hey birdie? i love this and i love you <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! personally i mainly struggle with Butch Dysphoria but like... i'm buying a binder soon and gd i am so excited! anyway i . love you. and i'm here if you need to talk <3
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    i love both of y'all too, thank you for being so sweet! 1) @woundedBirds i will literally call you 'son' if that helps any, but all in all, i'm sorry, dude, i hope you're doing okay. 2) @Short_comedian hey, Less Dysphoria is a Good Time ! and thats a good tip, i'll try it out. my current strategy when im not as tired as i was during That Whole Experience is just going 'time to sing mulan's hit song about dysphoria' but thats not exactly the end all be all of help! thanks, you two
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    I get all of that. But when dysphoria does attack (it's been coming less and less), I find that it helps to use it to combat my self-doubt. I tell myself "This is proof that I'm real. That I am who I say I am." God I love this.
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    god we love u dude <3 <3 but also this is such a goddamn mood i was crying night before last super hard bc i was watching a show and the last line was 'i love you, son' and my brain was like 'ur mom will never say that to u' so i was like Thanks For That but this is so pretty like. so pretty. all of it is incredible and i love it even if it came from a place of hurting <3
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    my head explodes with meaningless thoughts awkward smiles, shy laughter, stumbling one word answers. I want to scream because no, no, here I am again, before you at a loss for words when all I want to do is speak, and my thoughts are countless. but what do you talk about when you talk about nothing? I wait too long and my traitorous lips stay shut
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    me, writing at a decent hour: can i get a uhhhhhhhhhhh Grammer ? spellign ?? pls Good Words me, writing at 3 am after a meltdown: im quoting shakespeare in a gender neutral way to better serve the story, and transitioning from quoting a comedy to a tragedy to show the mood shift throughout the tale, though the comedy quotes are centered around a more conflict-filled time in the arc, to show contrast. also im doing all this from pure memory.
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    cw: just some kids pretend fighting "Dude, oh my god, stop." Masha's taken an entire goddamn bite out of the onion that someone'd grabbed for him while getting snacks as a joke, and you're entirely horrified and kind of revolted. "Fuck you," he managed between chews, eyes watering something awful. He looked committed to swallow before he fucking hurled the onion in the general direction of the forest, not quite able to muster a smug expression over the huge-ass mistake he was emoting at the current moment. "Seriously, you'd do anything someone's said you shouldn't." "I'll fight you." "....Don't." A pointed shit-eating grin. "I'd fight you for one corn chip." "No you wouldn't." "You're right. I'd do it for free." And Masha, that obstinate fuck, hurled himself at you, obviously intending just to tackle you. So of course, you braced your feet and ducked your head so your shoulder got him square in the gut, and he coughed out a stubborn 'that all you got?' before latching on with both arms hooked around your neck. Goddamnit. You overbalanced, hard, one knee digging into the frozen grass while both hands came up to attempt to free yourself and Sera cackled from the sidelines. "Dude, wait." "What?" You froze. "Your glasses." "Oh, right. Fight. Okay, Sera you're the glasses ambassador for the time being." While Masha hadn't loosened his grip, folding the stems and underhanding your glasses to Sera was rather difficult. The minute everything was a safe distance away, he sucker punched you, and you howled more in betrayal than in pain, the shallow heat blooming in your cheekbone probably not even going to bruise. "FUCK." He's got his fist cocked again when your (literal) kneejerk reaction caught him in the ribs again and you finally wiggled out of his grip, shoving him into the ground with a hard more-push-than-punch to the shoulder. "I win, asshole," you crowed, sitting on his back. "Fucker." "And you really need some Listerine." ((this program brought to you by:
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