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    Hey Slammers, Art Director Jacqui here. Question, have you ever doodled on a sticky note? For like ever we have been kicking around the idea of a low-stakes ongoing art prompt for the Slam. Something that would be just for fun and open to all levels of artistic capability; from stick figures to Rembrandts. We'd put out a topic and y'all would post in the thread your interpretation on a sticky note. So if the topic were "Sea Life Formal Attire," someone might post something like this: What do you think? Interested?
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    i know we're a week in but 2018's gonna be the year of me insisting on getting therapy bc my parents' "just get over it!" isnt gonna cut it lmaoooo - but more positively: hey! i already came all this way to get better, time to finish that journey up, physically + mentally + emotionally!!
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    yall i still can not believe that i named my halfing cleric "anna-mae" w/ no hesitation. i named my newest and most fleshed out d&d character 'anime' without a second thought
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    amelie and come from away and in the heights have been on my To-Watch List for. f o r e v e r?? im mostly into dear evan hansen, falsettos, rent, bye bye birdie, grease, west side story (if the sharks are actually puerto rican instead of Mostly Latin@ And Then The Love Interest Is A White Girl like. dkfvjnkdfj p l e a s e jsu t-), and hedwig and the angry itch, be more chill, something rotten, 21 chump street, legally blond, and little shop of horrors, and im in the middle of watching fun home + firebringer so theres. A Lot There I Guess ?
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    As the host, maybe you could create a poll with a few titles and the authors could vote?
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    HHH i feel super bad for not Producing Content lately lmao!!!!!!!
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    warm wet of overcast December days That smell of damp attics Dusty and cluttered Remind me of things that should not be Like children lost at a carnival Balloons floating freely in the sky And A Grandmothers cold words People do not see the devastation that they are creating with careless acts of mindlessness They do not see these warm December days Of warm attics as a problem And those who do are faced with Empty words of false promises Or violent poison on a vipers tong As they watch the world fade away into the once peaceful empty blue sways of nothingness
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    It walks the endless void, Traverses the blackness Where it was born from silence And starlight several eons ago. Sometimes it stretches out its ember fingers And touches stars, sets planets in motion. It’s fathomless, bigger than galaxies, Swirling with the blue-green-purple dust of the aether. The blood of novas flows through its veins And its eyes shine with wonder As nebulas form, bringing the beginning Of worlds to life. The being is not kind, not violent, It is simply a cycle; creation and destruction, Outer space oceans rising and falling. It grasps all of time in its hands And we can’t understand it’s great, slow thoughts. It walks the crumbling asteroid belts and It’s never forgot since the start of everything How to sing of black holes and solar systems And star whales being born. It sounds like death And life, which are the same thing out in the emptiness. It is profound, this being, And it is the soul of the universe.
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    it is quiet outside the echoes remain in our minds of shoes squeaking on gym floors and feet pounding the court of shouts of anger of screams of victory it is the latest part of night but the bus rattles on and we stay sprawled across the seats too-long legs stretched and tangled together as eyes try to catch flickers of the passing-by it is spilled-ink black outside the jittering windows but silhouettes can be seen faces bathed in addictive blue yellow-white rolls over bodies mirroring the mountains we pass it is simply existing together in this space half-heard music overlapping conversations memories of laughter crowding out the groans of the bus as it limps us home
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    During the day I wear my mask parading around pretending to be a functional human. Nobody sees the demons hiding in the bags under my eyes. My demons come at night their whispers tell me I am nothing. I should be afraid. I should fight back. But letting them creep through my ears is easier than fighting back.
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    i'm grateful for sunsets and sparkling stars warm sweaters and the generosity of friends when you're cold music that's hard and fast and music that's soft and light music with words, and music to march to words in english like "cattwampus" and words in german like "schildkröte" pixy stix wrappers stuffed inside gloves and jazz shoes to where you can't feel them scary books with bad endings and happy books with good ones ferris wheels and swinging boats, alongside tilt-a-whirls and funnel cakes spooky clouds and huge full moons connections with animals that can't be summed up by simply "horse and rider" cats that bark at squirrels plants, from huge trees to small succulents prismacolor pencils that blend well graphite that's dark enough to shade the darkest of eyes charcoal drawings that require a paintbrush monochromatic color palettes warm and cool colors that work together the ability to instantly communicate with anyone you wish people who reply quickly, even if they're not supposed to be on their phone at that moment in time science, of any kind (except pseudo) candles that fill the whole room with their scent mountains with fall colors on a backdrop of clear blue land that's completely flat, allowing you to just see blue until you can't see anymore mountain ranges that look blue from a distance layers of blankets and warm drinks cool drinks on hot days pretty rocks like dogtooth calcite and honeycomb quartz blue hair dye and pretty girls that use it all these things and more are worth noticing, and worth being grateful for, at least to me anyways.
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    how many animals cry over the dead? when they eat the bodies, is it mourning? do they have gods; do they debate their existence? are their languages capable of sarcasm? did wooly mammoths tell jokes to each other like in Ice Age? what do they call each other? what’s a lion to a bear? do they know the ecosystem the same way we do? will they stop eating when the ground cannot take it? do they teach their young respect for their world? for their prey? what would a dog tell us if it could talk? can they still hear the planet screaming? could we ever hear? would we have been better off if bonobos were our ancestors? is it wise to keep looking deeper into the sea? will we find aliens before we find every species on our planet? how long will the planet last, anyway? would octopi write manifestos on ethics or dungeons and dragons campaigns? how closely related to earthly cephalopods are those aliens from Arrival? if we can weave with spider silk, can we write with octopus ink?