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    I FORGOT TO TELL YALL? i went to mulbak's like last week and brought home the aforementioned (aforepictured?) aloe vera plant AS WELL as an orange tree! theyre in my room by the window and i love them very much cal/mona the orange tree has FOUR baby oranges already im so proud of her and peter the aloe is doin as good as ever hes actually almost as big as mona
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    oh my gd so... my sister is in an iop (intensive outpatient) program right now, and she showed some of the other girls in the program some pics of me. apparently the three girls who saw my pics all said i was cute, and one girl said she's going to set me up with her sister? i am not sure if she was serious but gd i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prompt: A Couple of a Cruise Include the following: -nosy -sponsor - passenger -willing -smile -brew -yellow -neighbor -hundred -stairwell Two men are walking up the ramp to a cruise ship carrying suitcases. MICHAEL: carrying suitcase up ramp to cruise ship We're here at last! LUKE: reaching for Michael's suitcase Let me carry that! takes bag from Michael's hand MICHAEL: No no I can carry it! LUKE: smiling at his boyfriend Too late. they board together BOARDING AGENT: tickets, please! Michael and Luke fumble around for their tickets MICHAEL: to Luke I thought you had them? LUKE: I thought you had them! they frantically pat their pockets while boarding agent taps his foot impatiently MICHAEL: holding up wallet Aha! Here they are! I stuck them in here for safe keeping! opens wallet and pulls out tickets, hands them to boarding agent BOARDING AGENT: inspecting tickets all right, you're in the hundred's hall. Michael and Luke move to board ship NOSY NEIGHBOR: Hey! Michael and Luke keep walking NOSY NEIGHBOR: I said HEY! waving at Michael and Luke's backs Michael and Luke turn around NOSY NEIGHBOR: Where's your rooms? sees Michael and Luke holding hands Are you GAY?! You're not going to be having sex on the cruise, are you? You'd better not, not when I'm your neighbor! Luke puts a restraining hand on Michael's shoulder. Michael should look angry and embarrassed MICHAEL: through gritted teeth Why would you ask our room when you already know where it is? NOSY NEIGHBOR: I saw your tickets over your shoulder. Now I really hope you're not going to be fudge packing. I heard these walls are really thin. I don't want to hear you sinning all night. Luke has to really restrain Michael now MICHAEL: YOU KNOW WHAT'S SINNING? WEARING THAT STUPID YELLOW SHIRT! pointing angrily at Nosy Neighbor's yellow smiley face shirt BOARDING AGENT: stepping between Michael and Nosy Neighbor Now, now, you're disturbing the other passengers! to Nosy Neighbor I will not let you to disrespect the other passengers. Let the two men live. To Michael and Luke Carry on. I'll see about moving her glaring at Nosy Neighbor LUKE: to boarding agent let me buy you a brew, later? Thanks for helping out. BOARDING AGENT: shaking head I'm not actually on the cruise. Thanks though. the couple finally gets settled in their room when there's a knock on the door CHEERY GIRL SCOUT: Hi there, misters! I'm with troop 394 and this is our first trip! Would you like to sponsor our 4th? MICHAEL: who answers the door, casts a weary glance at Luke Yeah, sure, here's 5 dollars. opens wallet and gives girl 5 dollars LUKE: are you selling cookies? CHEERY GIRL SCOUT: In the port stairwell. See you there! Bon voyage! MICHAEL AND LUKE: Bon voyage! Author's note: Ugh, this is such a mess. @Ainm have at it.
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    yall help im on social media duty for belletrist and i have no idea how to gain instagram followers other than making silly literature memes
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    true solidarity (idk WHAT kinda solidarity but...definitely some kind) is when someone makes a tide pod joke in latin class and you fire back with a "rosin is the TRUE forbidden snack" joke...and then your latin teacher agrees with you!!!!!!
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    me: im rly confident about my sexuality. just really comfortable about myself and sharing who i am with others someone i like even the slightest bit: hey are you like. bi?? gay? just an ally, or....?? me, immediately stressed: uhhHHHHhhhhHhHhhhhhhhhhh,
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    that moment when your sisters dog licks your face and you find out you're allergic to dog saliva
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    Something about the multiple commas in addition to parentheses doesn't work for me here. (Read: words are good; formatting needs work.) I'm not really sure what you're trying to do with your use of italics in this poem, even after having gone through the poem to make a list of all the words you italicized and then re-examining each one in context. The only two that really work for me are "you do not scare me" and "everything dies". I'd eliminate this question mark. This phrase feels bulky and awkward. Love this. I'm not a fan of this, mostly because it's explicitly stating the conceit of your poem ("death and space are inextricable") while also adding in other, more tangential topics ("earth and sea"). Again, I think you could improve punctuation here for the sake of clarity. Additional note: the ocean imagery works here, because it's in relation to space. I don't think ocean imagery on its own works particularly well in this poem. Also love this. If it comes from "the end, and the beginning, and whatever / lies between" wouldn't that be the same as to come from everywhere? I'm not sure what you're getting at with this. The synonym list isn't working for me. I think you could find another way to say this. I'd replace man's/man with our/we. Again, the sea imagery feels like a deviation from the greater space theme here. It seems more distracting than effective. Add a comma after "apollo" for clarity. Delete this comma. "you are"? This repetition doesn't work for me. Either "indefinite" or "infinite" would suffice here; both seems redundant. I like this phrase. (Also, it makes me even more inclined to suggest using simply "indefinite" instead of "indefinitely infinite"." I'd cut this phrase. Very smooth connection back to the main theme. Well done. I see what you're getting at here, but it doesn't feel in the spirit of the poem. (I know that's incredibly vague feedback, but still.) I like the internal allusion (is that a thing? I'm making it a thing), but I'm still not in favor of adding elements beyond the death/life/space themes. This phrase doesn't make sense to me, especially as it gets into "gravity, dream-maker". Consider revising. Simply lovely. I know this is really long and nitpicky, but I hope it's also helpful. (Feel free to argue with my critiques/ask questions about things I didn't touch on/share a revised document for more feedback/etc.) Cheers for an excellent poem!
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    hey yall if ur lookin to get published then consider submitting to belletrist! it publishes an online version every month with three carefully selected pieces of literature, and every year or so a SUPER NICE magazine gets printed! (like we're talking the magazine looks like a novel it's so good. so good) you can submit up to three times i think, and if your submission makes it through the slurry of other submissions, im staffing the magazine and it would be so cool to see yalls work in print!! (not to mention, it's a helluva thing to put on a resume. belletrist is pretty fuckin lit) the website: http://belletristmagazine.com/
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    yellowing light and busy hands. i like your eyes, I search crowds for the back of your neck. bet you didn't know. you make me laugh, you make me feel happy so i ask for this light. light and your time, light and your time. i don't ask for a whole lot from you. i try to try to be a better person. is change a myth fed to us by bright colors and cheerful music? I'll never know the answers i don't know the questions, either i'm letting it all settle into my skin: dust suspended mid-air, particles of light, your hands on the piano, stargazing blankets, but watch for spiders until all the film is exposed and i can make sense of what was of what could be we'll see it all in glorious technicolor connect the dots, constellation