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    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love myself as much as I love you, you are summer sky eyed perfection in a cropped checkerboard sweater and violet maroon high top glory. you are lipsticked laughter wrapped in cotton candy and ginger and nutmeg, you love and hope and dream and live like it’s the end of the world.
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    "y'know, i think the real kicker of being a ghost is not being able to smell things. like come on, funerals are full of flowers all these poofed up bouquets of this-and-that and i was stuck floating around with the constant sense of having a severe cold. what a raw deal."
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    what kind of world is this, where it all comes back to which of us has the prettier wrapping? when "pretty" is so subjective, does it really matter? especially when, in the end, we all crinkle the same way? (i promise, beneath my lumpy exterior, those dark spots are chocolate rewards, not stealthy raisins.)
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    finals week is frickin surreal some kid just moonwalked down the middle of a busy hallway and no one gave him a second glance
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    Hello, I'm Connor. Well my name isn't Connor but who cares anyway. But for anyone who cares, I'm a dude, a total nerd to the point that it's a miracle that I have a girlfriend. I'm 14, half Athabascan and the other half I'm a boring stupid white person. My life is boring so I'll try my best to write interesting stuff.
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    @conradbirdie thank you <33
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    My mind is full of damaged dragons, My heart is full of lost souls. They barely fit in this body But you think you’re welcome here? No. I am the monster, the mess, The freak. I am the fuck-up, The clumsy and confused. I am the beast That people like you don’t try to tame, I am that strange creature who the humans hate, So give up, let go, stay away. Leave me be in my wild, my chaos, My mixed-up dinged-up underwater Galaxy, my jumbled, broken forest home. I’ve been okay with floating here For years, you know. It’s dim and quiet and I was alone so Go away and don’t return. I am the wrong one, the wandering dreamer Who still believes in ghosts, but Whose hope is long gone. So listen, I don’t want you! You are grey desks and gravestones To my myriad of colorful despair. Don’t you dare follow me down, For I go my own way, where There will finally be silence.
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    Dispersing thoughts, smoothie with cocoa nibs Blood milkshakes, Transylvania is a great place to fall in love. Our hearts were too cold Microwave on full defrost couldn't melt a drop Maybe if I give it 5 more minutes maybe if i rock off into doze, into sleepy mind ramble and pray tomorrow morning I will not wake in the rumble My heart was in your palm and you crushed it for the fuck of it your words are broken glass, you have shredded me apart with each word it was like losing a limb Ripping the flesh from my soulI cried out my worst sins LATE AT NIGHT WHERE NOBODY COULD WATCH WHERE THE STARS GAZE UPON YOU Shining so bright, so dear Yet still fills me with a sense of fate A fear balled up so deep in my throat, I can't spit it out I guess I'll chew it out like tobacco or snug Oral fixation is the new black. Tie me up. Tie up my restless hands and thoughts The rope burns are beautiful bracelets The greatest gift I've received: rememory, crystal-refracted? Author's Note: exquisite corpse done where each person in my class contributed one line at a time on a paper passed around the room. the paper was folded after each person went so that only the line of the person before was visible to go off of. My lines are 'maybe if i rock off into doze, into sleepy mind ramble' and 'rememory, crystal-refracted'
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    It's official. I lost my job in tech crew. I don't know why. This was a job I had worked really hard for and now I'm back to painting the entire set. I had worked so damn hard for this job.