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    One Dawn the light watched the darkness as he turned to walk away. "It doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be complete surrender or Isolation. You think you are evil and doomed to die. I cannot fathom why but you aren't. You never will be." The darkness paused and turned around. His dead eyes still spoke confusion. "Why do you have so much faith in me?" Was all he managed to said before the light grabbed him by the shoulders. "Why would I not? I have watched you my entire life. You are a constant in a world ever changing. A warm heart in a small cold body. A comfort.. Every day I wish you could see what I can. I wish you could see the stars you hold in your eyes, the moonlight that is trapped in your hair. There has always been something special about you that I will never be able to name. But all I know is that I love it. And I love you." The Darkness did not know how to react. He only wept in The Lights arms. And there he stayed.
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    Words cannot express exactly how much I love the horoscopes. They're hysterical.
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    Aries: The stars advise you to add avocado for 99¢. No matter what. Taurus: Today, you will meet a tall, beautiful stranger. Tomorrow, you will meet a tall, beautiful stranger. The following day, you will meet a tall, beautiful stranger. Every day for the rest of your life, you will meet a new tall, beautiful stranger, and you will always wonder where all these tall strangers come from, how they find you, why they are eternally strangers, and why they are so, so beautiful. Gemini: All the heavens said about Gemini this week was “LOBSTERS.” So, uh, good luck with that. Cancer: This week, you will only be visible under UV light. Leo: Your power color is gold, which is great news considering what’s been happening to everything you touch lately. Virgo: You never know what culinary treasures you’ll discover when you keep an open mind. Remember that when your wagon train gets stranded in the mountain pass this weekend. Libra: It is almost time to act. All your years of deep cover are about to pay off. You will know your contact by their use of the code phrase, “Let us go to the produce section and admire the beautiful heirloom tomatoes.” Scorpio: [REDACTED] Sagittarius: For a variety of disturbing reasons, “do to others as you would have them do to you” is probably good advice for everyone except you. Capricorn: Sooner or later, you’re going to have to accept that you can’t solve all your problems with the liberal application of a croquet mallet. Aquarius: Venus will be in your second house this week. Tell her to get a job, pay a bill, or else get out. Pisces: Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay CALM. STAY CALM. STAY CALM. STAY CALM. STAY CALM. STAY CALM. images © xenia_ok/Shutterstock.com; painterr//Shutterstock.com
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    *so a few days ago I woke up in the middle of the night, wrote down these first two lines, went back to bed, and then completely forgot about it until recently. when I found it...this happened. something seems kinda off about it though and I would appreciate critique so so sooo much!!!* the sunspot pupils in those stained-glass windows to her soul contract in the sudden daylight yellow alights on shining olive skin black lashes flutter in sweet song-filled summer wind that smells like strawberries and blooming brightening honeysuckle leaves turn golden and so does her smile wide and gorgeous unreserved as the overlapping whispers of northern breeze that bring change and a promising chill anticipation hangs suspended in her gaze a silver wire-delicate moon backed by velvet affection now snow falls as gently as her embrace in the ice-weathered air adorning her rich curls a crystal tiara or a million winking stars she ponders the coldness of loss and of love’s thawing exterior when seated by a lazy orange hearth cheeks blazing rouge and hot teartracks drying the sky looks like an ocean again and her perfume smells like petrichor forest orchestras wake up the world and her topaz eyes soften in warm wise sunlight the earth is a sleeping goddess rubbing her eyes and stretching languidly awakening at last in the light