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    I'd like to start by saying That it may appear I'm not involved . Born and raised here, a "true" american, in a nice, rich, democratic city where everyone thinks the same things (in terms of politics, at least). People don't have prejudice when they look at me If I curse, am rude, say something stupid, that's not applied to my mother or father or teachers who look like I do. Who look white. But that doesn't mean that I don't see what others like me are doing. It doesn't mean that I don't judge what some of you are doing. Sometimes I get it. I hate it, but I've slipped up. I regret everyday. You say that the problem is other people, that "we are the good ones, that it's just those not right in the head those ones from over the border those ones who look different those ones who love wrong those ones who believe in a different version of god." But what happens when you are suddenly faced with the gripping realization that laws are on people not guns on people not tax bills on people not corporations on people, just like you who want to feed their families by leaving them behind forever who want to have another chance who are dreamers who are hard-working who look and sound and believe different but are still people. Those laws aren't working. We've tried working on people, and it didn't work. We don't need more laws to use on people. To anyone who's not convinced yet think of this. What happens if a child, a son, lets say, doesn't like girls? Doesn't believe in the kind of god you do? Loves someone who doesn't look like everyone you know? isn't "right in the head"? You can't control the human condition. You can't control humans. If your son hates his life making it just peachy won't help. Pushing him might just push him to guns, drugs, rape, hate, and more. And then what will you do when your little boy is on TV shooting up a school full of innocent children. You don't have to listen to me. I'm just words on a screen. But I'm really tired of my friends breaking down after class because for them racism is present. I'm tired of listening to girls get harassed on the street Because they wear less clothes or more than most. They are on your side the people you hate. Many voted for him too not because they wanted to be deported or harassed or worse. But because they wanted to "make america great again". They want jobs and food and better wages just like you. They thought only the "bad" would punished that they were "good people". But the man they voted for punishes everyone. I hate to be that person, but to quote To Kill A Mockingbird, "I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks."(231) _____________________________________________________________________ I don't know if this was PC or not. I hope so. Let me know if it wasn't. I just was kind of fed up with the way things have been going the past year and a quarter.
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    i just had a rly beanfreak thought: all yall dont know me irl so you dont get the Full Experience that is logan dabbing at every emotion and event ever nobody can fucking stop me
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    take a ribbon and wrap it tight around your fingers curl your fist into silk-strong solidity raise it in the air and count the moths that flock to your light one, two, three; open your hand and show it to the world. hold it high no higher. wrap the ribbon further up your arms use it to hide your scars pluck the wings from the moths dusty gray and soft-fuzz glue them to your eyelids. do not use butterflies; that is a false sort of color. do not let yourself be fragile cover yourself in acrylic and hide your glass bones bury your fire-blown history in the coals of the forge call on your molten heart and start spinning. they'll try to break you. don't let them. hold tight to the cloth. don't let it choke you. it will try it will crawl up to your throat and wrap tight around your lips begging silence, begging submission— do not submit find some paint dip your fingers in smear it on your face drip red onto the pavement and make sure to coat your lips hold tight to your lover and do not let her slide away. tie the ribbon between your wrists a handcuff, almost, a bond a lifeline. tie it tight. feel for her pulse. paint her fingers red and kiss her moth-wing lids don't let her wash away in the tide. they will try to break your hold. they will try to smash your bones. they will try to paint butterflies on your cheeks bright colors and fragile innocence. they will put lampshades over your light and paint fool on your face in gray-green-blue. they are lying. remember, they are lying. go find your ribbon. find your paint and your moths and your lover mix them in a cauldron and bite down till you taste blood. this is how to start a home-grown rebellion.
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    Stretch Fidget Curl your back and relieve your moving spine. You're tired Overwhelmed and it's only 7. 8. 9. 10. You want to hear the lesson but your hands are covering your ears. Why are they there? Why do you care? Why? Why? Why. Your eyes shake and you hold yourself Like you're the last one that'll do it. and you're curling forward. Rocking back and forth back and so on. Over and over again and again Until you sleep.
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    yo, here's a really good trans song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tilsrO-3gcQ&index=8&list=RDm7oj_wyChY8