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    my friends show me their scars made by this that and their own sword i touch my skin bruised and pimpled the hangnails are my work but not the scabs reminders of blood a girl i know walking in the rain with bair feet makes a pretty picture but sidewalks tred to escape leave sore heels i am walking through the world not stepping on myself and it feels unfair that their ways lie over their own bodies seems unfair how much they get pushed down when i am extended an arm i guess i'll be thankful you can ride on my back for a while instead of your own and we two will raise no blades against ourselves
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    welcome to astrology....take a fuckin sip, babes aquarius. murderfish, wweh, friendzoned terrible little bitch Pisces. adorable little fish. glub glub! capricorn. stoner. hOnK scorpio. spiderbitch. 8 eyes. THEMS THE BREAKS. sagittarius. sweaty horse man. fists. how lewd libra. justice. blind. licks things virgo. the mom friend. carries a chainsaw, always. leo. an actual cat. tears apart prey ;33 cancer. loud shout crab. wears black. fucknugget gemini. horrible horrible computer nerd. origin of 'hoe don't do it'. pii22 tavros. bigass bull. Peter pan kin. is half the man he once was Aries. dead things!!!!! ribbit.
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    I did a whole Proust questionnaire for a new character I made named Ada. Here's some parts of it: (the font is weird because I copied it from google docs) What is your idea of perfect happiness? Ada: Perfect happiness doesn’t exist. What is your current state of mind? Ada: Well, by making me think about my current state of mind you’ve probably changed it. What is your most marked characteristic? Ada: Do you mean physical or the other one? If you mean physical, then my hair, but if you mean the other one than my logicalness. Logicalness is not a word, but it makes sense according to English suffix rules, so I don’t see any problem with using it. When and where were you the happiest? Ada: Well, this one time I was playing with my band and we were outside and it was just the perfect temperature and just the perfect windiness and it smelled like spring and it felt like spring and we played perfect like we were spring and not people. What is it that you most dislike? Ada: That beautiful things are supposed to sound poetic when you describe them, despite the highest point of beauty being the transcendence of words. What is your greatest fear? Ada: That I will go too insane, or that I won’t go insane enough. Sometimes when I feel that feeling like you aren’t part of yourself anymore and instead you’re part of the world, or the world’s thoughts, or someone else, or I don’t know, just something that you wouldn’t find if you took yourself apart, I think I’ve gone to far and I try to become myself again, but when I get back, I miss that feeling, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it again because I’m trying too hard to shield myself from it. Which living person do you most despise? Ada: I thought this was a serious questionnaire, not a gossip session. What is your greatest regret? Ada: I never told my best friend from Kansas that I was moving to Ireland, so now he probably thinks I’m dead or something. On second thought, even if he thought that at first, he’s probably realized by now that the conclusions you draw as a nine year old are often wrong, and corrected his hypothesis to something more realistic and closer to the truth. To him though, I’m really as good as dead since we’ll never see each other again. What is the quality you most like in a man? Ada: I really thought this wasn’t a gossip session. What is the quality you most like in a woman? Ada: Well, I understand the last question better now, but I don’t understand why you asked them separately since they should have the same answer. The ability to be someone you love and someone loveable. What do you most value in your friends? Ada: The ability to accept that presentable me isn’t all of me, but it’s all of me anyone outside my head is ever going to be authorized to see, because the rest of me is in a state of permanent disrepair. On what occasions do you lie? Ada: Never. It’s mutually detrimental and therefore as useless as eloquence. I always speak as true as I can, but I don’t try to make it pretty. In short, I tell all the truth but not a bit slant. What are your favorite names? Ada: Names aren’t important. They’re just a label so we can distinguish one person from another when we’re talking. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? Ada: I don’t deign to know the workings of the afterlife. Knowing if there even is an afterlife is impossible since no one can experience what’s after death and report back to the living. I think the most sensible idea is that nothing happens to us after we die besides our bodies decomposing. Our “soul” is only electrical impulses in the brain. Our whole experience of living is, really. It would be nice to think there’s something more after death, but it just isn’t reasonable.
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    Hope’s a funny thing. Sometimes it’s bubbles, like sunlight and flying And sometimes it bashes you into the rocks far below. It’s all a cycle, endless searching and finding and losing and doing it over again. I don’t know why people keep trying to get up after they fall, For the ground is steady beneath my feet And I don’t feel the world spin from down here. But then my brain says ‘stay awake, keep trying, Keep fighting, for when you plummet, it means The time before it was worth it all.’ I want to tell my mind I’m tired of this, That I don’t want to hurt anymore, But it keeps holding on to hope, those summer breezes And lavender butterflies, bright stained-glass and dreams. I’ve tried countless times to get it to stop But it won’t and it seems I’ll keep suffering. Is rose-colored, ember sparked to life, Heart beating rapid adrenaline rush Even worth burnt lips and aching fingers, Wrists striped red at the end of the road? I can’t pretend to know. That’s the thing about hope; It’s floating, holding on every time I manage to climb back from the abyss again And maybe it won’t end because I need it Just as much as I need you.
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    i like the harmless habits, above all the ones that shy away from shoving they leave gentle touches, instead across the line i used to think of mentality like that some great towering 2d plane of black, deeming you in all caps: HEALTHY (in smaller letters, ‘good’) UNHEALTHY (even smaller, ‘bad’) a blue moon good day would let me inch forward, getting to dip my face through the curtain plunging my face in instead of just few hesitant fingers, just to squint at what could be better to catch my breath and the next thought, moment, minute hour, day, week, month year, years, endless cycle would drag me back down into the water, where my thoughts turned shifty, hard to catch red-handed and still, the harmless habits cradled me bathing only in strawberry shampoo made me feel warm against the pressure of approximately a fuckton of cubic meters of 3 point font ‘bad’ laughing ten seconds too long because i was grateful to get to smile dropped two more labels on top of that but it felt like a triumph, still its the harmless habits that got me by
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    so i realized the link to join the discord kept not working? and guess what folks it's because the link to join keeps expiring. discord is giving us the two week old milk of links. i think i set it to n o t expire, so if case anyone wants to join but was confounded by Link Issues: https://discord.gg/YGXn5wu
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    you and phoenix will be clinging to a balcony railing, trying to see as far into the night as you can, when he asks if he can tell you something. you nod, not sure what to expect. he tells you he loves you, that he's been in love with you ever since the night when upon seeing him--a stranger at the time--said "who are you?" "go away." alas, you put my lesson to not trust towards the wrong person. phoenix backs away when you start shifting. the dragon you will become is large, winged, and most importantly, spiked with poison. you tell yourself it's a joke. after all you've been wronged so many times before, why should this be any different? he doesn't try to block the thorn that enters right below his heart.
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    may as well stick this painting in here as well 😩🙌🙌💯😍🍆
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    I. The first time you notice, you are pressed against him on the couch. The two of you hold a single controller between you, him with the left half and you with the right. You’re playing Mario Kart with your friends, and neither of you expects to do well. He is steering, and all you have to do is hold down the “go” button, but you’re sure your bad luck will carry over regardless. Miraculously, you do well, managing even to beat some of your friends. He high-fives you, giddy with your success, and the two of you are grinning like idiots. You watch him light-heartedly taunt your friends, and something in your chest stirs. Oh, you think. Oh no. II. It’s nearly midnight by the time you pile into the rickety Honda. With all five of you in the car, the suspension swings dangerously to the right every time you go over a bump. The parking lot of the 24-hour McDonald’s is all but empty as you pull up to the drive-through menu. You order three 20-piece servings of chicken nuggets and two large fries. As you drive to the pick-up window, he turns to you, eyes wide with fear and awe. “That’s so many nuggets.” "Yeah,” you say. “60 nuggets.” "60 nuggets. That’s like a whole chicken!” You smile at him and take the bag that the employee is holding out to you. Back at the apartment, someone suggests watching The Room. It’s a terrible idea and you all know it, but you put it on anyways. You’re sitting closer to him than is strictly necessary, but no one seems to notice or care. You let yourself enjoy his warmth and the way his arm presses against yours. His scent is intoxicating, a mix of soap and something warm. Maybe you imagine it, but you think you feel him leaning into you, and it’s all you can focus on. The movie is awful, with bad writing and worse acting, but you all enjoy laughing at the characters and plot holes and endlessly cyclical storyline. At some point, you end up leaning against him. You rest your head on his shoulder and he leans his head against yours. You stay there for the rest of the night and pray no one else can hear the way your heart is fluttering against your ribs. III. You meet at a restaurant on a Wednesday, ostensibly to work on a project. He’s already at a table when you get there, so you join him. The restaurant is loud and crowded, but he’s found a little high-top near the back. As you sit down across from him, the ambient music and the voices of the other people seem to fade out, and all you can focus on is him. You had always thought people were exaggerating when they said something like that, but now you believe it. The two of you compare what you’ve got so far, and try to be productive, but a comment he makes reminds you of a story that you have to tell him. Suddenly an hour has passed and you’ve made no progress at all. Despite the impending deadline and your struggles with one-on-one conversations, there’s a lightness in your chest that wasn’t there when you left your room. He has a class and you have to study, so you agree to meet later. You can feel yourself smiling ridiculously your whole walk home, but you can’t bring yourself to care. IV. You tell your friend about him because you just can’t stand to keep it to yourself any longer. It still scares you to say it out loud, so you tell them over text instead of during your Skype call. You tell them about your text conversations with him, about how he stops what he’s doing to send you pictures of animals he sees, about how you’re still ridiculously awkward talking to him. Their smile comes through in the emojis and exclamation marks that litter their texts, and you realize how lucky you are to have a friend like them. You’re not sure if you wanted advice or just someone to listen to you talk about your crush, but the conversation reassures you nonetheless. V. The four of you link hands, forming a chain so as not to lose each other on your way out of the concert. You’re at the end, clinging to his hand against the press of the crowd. Once you reach the parking lot, he holds on for an extra moment, so short you think you might have imagined it. You slide into the back seat of the car and he sits across from you. When you’re not looking, he takes your hand in his again and squeezes. You turn to look at him and he’s staring at you, a soft smile on his lips. In the front seat, your friend puts on some music that you all know, and the four of you sing along even though your voices are nearly blown after three hours of screaming. He holds your hand through the whole ride, even raising it to his lips and kissing it once. You can’t believe your life is like this; you have amazing friends, you got to see one of your favorite artists live, and you’re holding hands with a boy who likes you back. You think this is the happiest you’ve been in a while. VI. He walks you home from your friend’s apartment after a long night of watching YouTube videos and playing board games. You spend much of the half hour walk in conversation, but sometimes you just let a comfortable silence rest between you. The city looks beautiful in the late-autumn night, so you take a moment at the top of the hill to pause and look out at the lights beneath you. You use the chill of the night as an excuse to step closer to him, and he doesn’t move away. You continue to walk, but it isn’t until you’re nearly home that you work up the courage to take his hand. He smiles and squeezes your hand, and it makes you want to see him smile like that again and again. The two of you stop outside your building, not letting go even though it’s time to say goodnight. You look at him, and you know he feels the same hesitant expectation that’s sitting heavily on your chest. "Can I kiss you?” he asks softly, and you’re sure it’s the most nervous you’ve ever heard him sound. You just nod, unable to speak, but he moves closer anyways. It’s awkward and tentative, but you can’t stop smiling as you watch him leave. Your hands shake as you unlock the door and collapse onto your bed, filled with an uncontrollable giddiness. You think about his lips against yours until you fall asleep. VII. Your parents ask how you’re doing. You tell them what they want to hear: I’m good, having a lot of fun, doing well in class. You don’t say: I think I’m falling in love.