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    “it’s funny, when i look at the sky without star charts the only constellations i can remember are orion and the dippers god, that sounds like an awful band name but somehow, i can remember that dog days came to be because sirius was high in the sky, the canine of the heavens, canis major, malam ferre fortunam now, the nights are long, sultry, days waning like the moon and i miss how the fire lit the underside of the trees and we sat too close to it, legs sticky with sweat, glowing soft orange near the flames the cicadas sang louder than the radio. did you ever point your flashlight at the sky, knowing full well that after a while the light particles spread into nothingness but wondering anyway if extraterrestrial beings, life in galaxies across the universe, would see it? different cultures saw star clusters differently, like, our andromeda could be someone’s white tiger strange, right? everyone sees the universe differently, but there’s beauty in that.”
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    "leave your wishes at the well; you don't need to build your own world you will soon be big enough to climb over that mountain, or that molehill." "the grass is green here, too-- please, stay with me. step on the stones i left for you-- i promise they're sturdy. don't fall! i would fall too."
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    he handed me a life sentence purgatory is my prison maybe one day I will be transferred maybe one day I will walk free but for now (or perhaps eternity) I will remain half-empty the air is my shackles the sky is no longer the limit there’s nothing more we can do