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    welcome to astrology....take a fuckin sip, babes aquarius. murderfish, wweh, friendzoned terrible little bitch Pisces. adorable little fish. glub glub! capricorn. stoner. hOnK scorpio. spiderbitch. 8 eyes. THEMS THE BREAKS. sagittarius. sweaty horse man. fists. how lewd libra. justice. blind. licks things virgo. the mom friend. carries a chainsaw, always. leo. an actual cat. tears apart prey ;33 cancer. loud shout crab. wears black. fucknugget gemini. horrible horrible computer nerd. origin of 'hoe don't do it'. pii22 tavros. bigass bull. Peter pan kin. is half the man he once was Aries. dead things!!!!! ribbit.
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    may as well stick this painting in here as well 😩🙌🙌💯😍🍆
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    i got the job! i am a youth services librarian in may ^.^
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    UPDATE UPDATE: MY EX-GIRLFRIEND FOUND THE GUY WHO STOLE MY GAMEBOY AND TRIED TO FIGHT HIM. I ALMOST KISSED HER. In other news, I lost 12 hours of game play and a Gyarados that I spent 4 hours on to get it to evolve from a Magikarp.
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    @conradbirdie thank u for coming to my hell tedtalk
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    i had a dream last night that someone visited the slam poem and decided to write just. paragraphs. like fifty lines, all by the one person, one after the other. and i looked at it and i was like.....'did you not read the rules???? like what??? what even???? what do....what??? wha?????????????'
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    oh yeah bitch ill eat all the hail i fucking want to
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    why is academic writing so much harder than normal writing?
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    i'm not dead, everyone, just up to my ears in writing and reading for my prose class, and young adult lit, and prepping for a job interview. i shall become a youth librarian. i wrote two stories to turn into novels. and my professor wants me to become a high school english teacher. i graduate college in may. i am drifting into a void, i feel like. my anchors soon gone. school is structure, and who am i without it? agh. so much work to be done.
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    I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in ages I just don’t have any new content and I’ve been really stressed and these sound like bad excuses but it hasn’t been a great week and I’m trying to keep up with discord too but I’ve only been there to like. Check on the chaos. For now I’m just appreciating everyone else’s stuff. You go, guys!
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    @rat-kid hey saoirse come back :(((( ill buy u candy from the daiso across from stone gardens
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    In case you didn’t know @drowntown is a monster
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    theres something unsettling about hearing my 9 year old sister hesitantly ask 'or youll kill me?' dead serious and eyes like dinner plates to my mom after she tells her to mop the floor