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    i know we're a week in but 2018's gonna be the year of me insisting on getting therapy bc my parents' "just get over it!" isnt gonna cut it lmaoooo - but more positively: hey! i already came all this way to get better, time to finish that journey up, physically + mentally + emotionally!!
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    My boyfriend woke up at 1:47 in the morning to draw a picture of me and a random dude in a speedo. He didn't remember doing it but his sketchbook and the voicemail on his friends phone say otherwise. The sketch is surrounded by notes about how hot I am????? He's quite the character.
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    My boyfriend stalked my account on here and informed me I have 103 points and I screamed because I had checked literally 10 minutes before he looked and it was 83
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    oh my gd so... my sister is in an iop (intensive outpatient) program right now, and she showed some of the other girls in the program some pics of me. apparently the three girls who saw my pics all said i was cute, and one girl said she's going to set me up with her sister? i am not sure if she was serious but gd i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    excerpted from a work in progress, ode to the visible universe: probability itself keels and chokes at your feet
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    the request i did the other day :000 [edit: pls click/download it's very high res dkgjldkjfs]
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    I want to give all of you guys a big hug and tell you it’s going to be okay because I’m having trouble saying in words “I’m sure that hurts and I’m really sorry, I just don’t feel qualified in my straight/cis identity to tell you it’ll get better” and with hugs you don’t really need words.
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    Ladies and gentlefolk, my boyfriend can write better than I can.
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    I hope everyone who isn't in the RP threads is at least enjoying themselves reading them bc they're WILD and deserve to be shared with the world.
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    I'm crying, literally every character in the RP thread I started is from a southern homophobic/transphobic rural town
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    ok so i have no fucking clue the demographic here but the topic i posted in rp has 20 views and no takers so like idk heart this or reply if ur interested in a prompt-based rp with extensive worldbuilding and lore
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    I know the reputation points aren't supposed to be a competition but my competitive ass is seeing @drowntowns 233 points and screaming FIGHT ME, BITCH (love ya, bro)
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    I FORGOT TO TELL YALL? i went to mulbak's like last week and brought home the aforementioned (aforepictured?) aloe vera plant AS WELL as an orange tree! theyre in my room by the window and i love them very much cal/mona the orange tree has FOUR baby oranges already im so proud of her and peter the aloe is doin as good as ever hes actually almost as big as mona
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    HHHHHH i am so excited i'm currently reading emily wilson's translation of the odyssey, and i have how to make a wish (Lesbian Book) in my bag, and two more lesbian books on the way to my library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this :) also i showed my therapist "twin fantasy" (the poem) today and she actually liked it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yall i still can not believe that i named my halfing cleric "anna-mae" w/ no hesitation. i named my newest and most fleshed out d&d character 'anime' without a second thought
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    I was away for the past week but I'm back now!! Happy new year to you all!!
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    Well 2018 can’t be more insane than 2017, right? *laughs nervously* right guys?
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    the holiday season is one of exasperation and interesting life choices and using being read as female to my advantage and "hey nick i know we havent talked since fucking elementary school and it's hellaciously wild to run into you at church like this but my family is driving me up a wall and im gay and youre hot enough my parents wont question it if i sit next to you during this hyperreligious hellscape so uh. wanna catch up over watery hot chocolate and a shared disdain for church?" (me: seems like i found you in the NICK of time eyyyyyyyyyy nick: please dont)
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    so i think i might take up drawing again?? i feel a little weird saying that bc i've been so active in the past about it being Not My Thing, but it's something that i'd really like to be able to do
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    application letter: 'please send more info so we can make a decision' aka 'we dont want to say No so pls pleasantly surprise us with this quarter's grades' date i'll hear a Decision by: march tears: out
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    Sometimes, when it comes to dysphoria, all you need to hear is a "It's ok, I know you're hurting. I am too."
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    I just realized that this is the first year I'm actually in the Cross Country team photo.
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    i feel super bad bc i am not as good at poetry as...some people...and i know comparison is. bad but i can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!
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    bad news: woke up sore as hell, managed to work out for another hour to try and get rid of said soreness, but that just made it Worse so idk how i'm gonna do more physical therapy tonight :/ good news: accidentally came out to the dude who teaches me weight training and he was chill about it
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    okay but june's concerns about this being a murder scene are V A L I D bc she might be a WOC that outclasses them all in self-defense skills, she's still the only WOC and that means "you're the first to die" in murder movie talk.
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    Well, I just wrote a poem that sounds deep and meaningful, but it’s actually about my colorblind friend looking through my hair to find a proper shade for Legally Blonde.
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    Okay I know we JUST started one RP thread and I still have NO CLUE what I’m doing at all but I have an idea for another one some other time. Hear me out: supernatural detectives. Like, a union of them with different specialties and methods for solving cases. Maybe one can talk to ghosts. Maybe another can see auras. Idk it’s magic. Anyone’s interested just like say something?
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    im fucking doing it here comes the magic lore rp
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    @Short_comedian the real question is how the fuck @conradbirdie racked up like 135 points in one month
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    me, wrapped in a fluffy white blanket, eating tomato soup: i like to live life on the edge
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    it's crazy how having just one other lgbtq person in the room makes me feel so much more comfortable
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    me: im rly confident about my sexuality. just really comfortable about myself and sharing who i am with others someone i like even the slightest bit: hey are you like. bi?? gay? just an ally, or....?? me, immediately stressed: uhhHHHHhhhhHhHhhhhhhhhhh,
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    yall i gotta stop reading any gay book i can find all in one really great night the second i get them??
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    I'm trying and that's what matters
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    today i got the numbers of a cute boy and we're writing poetry back + forth to each other AND i got the number of a cute girl who likes to hold my hand and swing it around as she gushes about books and!! yall im so majorly pan
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    everyone in my journalism class is WOEFULLY unprepared for a project that's due tmrw... it's sad but also hilarious
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    HHH i feel super bad for not Producing Content lately lmao!!!!!!!
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    my dad is not very good at texting the latest: m k even kevin horseface ¿
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    poetry rubric: use proper conventions! me, waving the works of E. E. Cummings: @ MARTHA MEET ME IN THE FUCKING RING
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    y'all i'm about to fucking cry someone agreed to spot me the $3USD i need to get a binder
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    someone: hows ur day going me: well i forgot i was lactose intolerant and now im afraid to drink the chai latte i have for breakfast
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    If you're gonna go on my ass about probably being on the spectrum, then you shOULD BE AWARE OF WHAT SENSORY ISSUES ARE
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    me, writing at a decent hour: can i get a uhhhhhhhhhhh Grammer ? spellign ?? pls Good Words me, writing at 3 am after a meltdown: im quoting shakespeare in a gender neutral way to better serve the story, and transitioning from quoting a comedy to a tragedy to show the mood shift throughout the tale, though the comedy quotes are centered around a more conflict-filled time in the arc, to show contrast. also im doing all this from pure memory.
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    last night i got in the Artsy Mood since ive done jack shit since school ended so i did some redraws.... 2014/15ish vs last night which is basically 2018 (edit: wow idk how to make them Smaller)
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    Well on one hand I haven’t been on this site for like almost a week and on another I’m still low on sleep and have no presents for my family but hopefully my love is understood by everyone