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    i miss the quirky location feature + the authors note feature ;w;
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    a regular, respectable family: rakes leaves off the lawn my family, a bunch of rednecks: gets out the shopvac to strike first against the deciduous trees
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    'rank: imago' ????????? i googled it it's 'the final and fully developed stage' aka insects (the egg>nymph>imago ranks are kind of cute omg)
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    who wants!!!!!!! to see My FACE!!!!!!!!!!! wow uhhh i am Having A Time
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    ...so apparently I have a friend now?
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    name: Logan age: dying occupation: Keysmash Addict
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    I don't know enough about this update to have any judgement on it yet, but I am feeling just a little nostalgic for the old format.
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    i am somehow following 35 people dkgjsdfjs odds are if youve visited the site even once i followed you
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    life tip don't try to pour sugar in your coffee if you're not good at pouring too much will come out and it will not taste good
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    pls vote in my poll sdksdlfjs i just wanna know who all's interested in that nanowrimo write-in and the forum/thread format isn't as convenient as an IM system to me............. so pls....vote..
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    some people are putting their faces as their profile pictures and im....really tempted.......but also look at that sickass dog i drew so?? *tosses hands up*