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    Hey guys, I’m still around (if you’re on the discord you know that) but I’m just not writing as much poetry right now. Hope everyone’s doing okay, and maybe I’ll post more soon.
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    (this is gonna be unbearably cheesy but here we go) I'm sorry Cicada's ending, I've only been here for a little bit but it was such as nice creative outlet and support system. I feel like I made progress in my writing and now I'm not as afraid to ask people to look at it. And, although you might know, I really think that this community made me feel like it's okay to be different, it's okay that I'm gay. It was okay to be confused about how I felt, it was okay to talk openly. I didn't feel pressure to be that confident queer person that knows exactly what to do in all scenarios and is the perfect image of the LGBTQIA+community. I could just exist, and try to figure it out, and mess up and talk to people. I feel like a more stable person because of that. tldr: I love you guys and this space so much. Thank you.
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    yo hey i forgot about cicada oops but anyways im in nebraska until August >:[ look @ this art i did on my new comp tho hfjfjsksk radish is lookin SNAZZY