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    hey, li'l dude. dont you call me little while you here wearing my shoes from two years ago. it dont matter cos youre still my baby brother. and youre still shorter, my older.... si- sibling. ill never goddamn forgive my mother for making my cis, straight brother see why she doesnt deserve me he come up crying daisies tells me mom said you aint gods plan and that he cant call me who i am or he gonna get beat he finds solace in critical thinking when i say mom dont know shit and thats rich coming from a woman tellin us to be tolerant and openminded in the context she defending confederate flags he's stopped crying. i say you think god made everyone perfect? he answers yeah and i tell him then god made me perfect and trans and aint that just the goddamn tea
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    you flutter in peppercorns and daisies theobromine is your wine petrichor, your perfume a hundred thousand instances of worldly absurdity gravitating to you
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    *wow it feels like I haven't been on this site in years but it's been like a month :] but I found the time and for some reason I want to post this thing that's highkey a rant about a conversation my crush and I had one day...embarrassing. true. prob pathetic. enjoy* my brain says go to college, get a job but my heart says abandon it all drop my cares and go backpacking across europe. (I told you all of this.) I didn’t expect you to agree but you did and you smiled that smile that I swear can make flowers bloom and you said, laughing, I’ll go with you. ireland is breathtaking why don’t we run away there? (I replied.) the cliffs are emerald and rugged brown and the trees strain towards gray satin skies like outstretched arms. it’s always raining, cold air so clean it feels sharp everyone is sweet and feels familiar and the air is filled with music and laughter and language and promise. (I didn’t say any of that to you.) (we just sat in silence for a moment reveling in this future that could be.) (I sat quiet heart thudding thinking wondering what it would be like to make this a reality, what it would be like to go anywhere with you everywhere with you to hold your hand and stare up at millions of stars to hold your hand and not have to hide the sunburst in my chest whenever you smile.) (look, there’s orion, the same orion I can see from my front yard at home three star belt I trace every night. and look cassiopeia, the little dipper, and a billion other steadfast gleaming wonders doesn’t it all make you want to jump up and fly?) my brain says stop dreaming. stop getting drunk on wishful thinking and face reality, because this is all impossible and falling in love was never a good idea. but my heart still says, and will never stop saying, I’ll go with you.
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    i think of rich mulberry hues whenever i hear your name the kind of purple that can't be synthetic your namesake was a saint and your birth month the amethyst heart of winter i always said i wanted your eyes, terra cotta flecked copper (unlike mine- oxidized) and your freckles stippled on with the lightest touch
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    can you just fucking not do that because i’m a rational girl independent learning to be strong trying harder than you ever seem to and like you’re throwing me off a lot can you just stop interrupting my thoughts? please? can you just not smile quite like that when you step in my way just so I’ll bump into you and like my name? if you could dim the light in your eyes across your face before you say that particular combination of syllables it would really help me sleep at night can you just look at the paper when i’m trying to help you you’ll understand the material better and i know that you can because if you can possibly talk about that many other things with that type of skill and you’re asking my bad-at-math ass to help you you must be pretty fucking desperate can you just (while you’re at it) stop making me fucking laugh i’m supposed to be taking notes and you’re over there calling out comments looking at me when i stifle a laugh fuck you now i want to make you laugh stop making me consider texting you at goddamn one am because i thought of something funny stop making me say stupid shit because you saying that one time that i looked like a classy prostitute was definitely not supposed to be responded to with a question if it was working especially if your expression shifted to that maybe it was the dark you paid for my dinner i had agreed to buy you coffee and that lady she thought we were dating? she called us cute? and you essentially ran away (you went upstairs. very fast) you barely finished ordering i overthought it i nearly ordered with your name (it would have been easier for them to read aloud i had the excuse planned in case i had made that mistake i hadn’t) you grabbed my arm so i wouldn’t walk into the street i didn’t even notice the street or much else i don’t remember any cars, though (was i like this even then? fuck.)
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    We say "someday, we'll try again" even though we both know we're only saying that to make it hurt a little less
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    this backcountry, all pastures and fields and razor-backed hills where the clouds look like they could scrape the treetops or the backs of the winding cows lewiston, idaho, middle of fucking nowhere sister to clarkson, built on riverbanks and stolen land your town hall proudly displays histories lived by white colonialists and their snaking paths your town hall proudly displays the natives that died for them perhaps unrelatedly, every wireframe sign stabbed into the earth advertises gun rights and conservative campaigners i say to hell with it and i aint coming back
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    I’ve never written you a poem. You don’t lend yourself to words, you see; You’re too strong, an oak To the little willow tree I am And I don’t know how to write a poem For a silent, seething mountain, A girl who could go volcano And fly in a fury to send vengeance Upon those who dare upset Her scattered equilibrium. No one writes poems for the lioness, Headstrong and stubborn And already too proud For calming words and coming into being. You’re the protector, the badass, the ‘I’ll drop kick you across the whole city If you mess with my sister,’ Who can still be a warrior While wearing a dress. I can’t be eloquent about A lightsaber fighting spitfire, Grumpy in the mornings And spouting sass all afternoon. It’s too hard; my poems are supposed To be soft and gentle but you Have always been powerful, Serious and stoic Until suddenly you say something To get us all laughing. And my poetry, too, is about eloquence But you and I don’t often talk with words, We speak with expressions and thoughts and hands, With random inside jokes and stories. That’s why I’ve never written you a poem before, Because you’re more important to me Than any words I know.
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    caress the sun which drips and flows from my mouth my hunger is an abyss and you a marble. minute and absurd in the dark but blue all the same i'll pour out that light and serve it to you on a silver platter drink, drink, please my dark is home, i need it. let me eat. the skin above my heart is thin and stretched shadows flock to the space between beats
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    the most ridiculous thing about realizing you’re probably a lesbian is that it’s also the first time that your heart pounds really, really fast like lightning strikes flying out of your body when you see a boy, not because you think he’s hot but because he’s gay. too. he’s gay too, and you’ve talked about Love, Simon together (you told him how you cried 3 times) he’s gay too, and you forget to agree with him when he calls other guys cute (because it’s so exhausting to trick yourself into saying something you know you’ll never actually believe) he’s gay too, and when you make a comment in English class about how hypocritical biblically driven homophobia is when you talk about Oscar Wilde in class (you blush too hard and stumble and stutter over your words too much) you're afraid he did a double take from the desk behind you, gaydar: on insecurity: detected you: gay it’s not like you’re even really friends- you don’t wave to each other in the hallway because to be honest he’s a little intimidating (and you’re 95% sure he does drugs, and even if it’s just weed you’re 500% sure you don’t want to get mixed up in that) and you’re a nerd and you don’t like his popular-ish friends (they’re snobby, and this comes from experience) but still, these are the lightning strikes you can finally point out in dark, dark blue skies and lean back, laughing at how stupid and blind you were before for thinking the fires you tried to start out of a broken matchbox and fear could ever compare to a wonderfully platonic feeling of not being alone.
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    yellow light, yellow like daybreak, butter, burnt ochre— paint caked on the end of the tube. rich velvet sky beyond broken shades, eternal fireflies gleaming radiant above the stratosphere eyelids droop and pages turn quiet like wind outside or cricket song or low-level buzz of the noise machine there is nothing else so silent as the midnight hour
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    what if we could end all war it's simple in theory and impossible in practice because all it would take is an end to all fighting a kindness, forgiveness we could change the world now, we could end all suffering but just as everyone is capable of good, everyone too is capable of evil and why is evil so much easier to do? what if there were no lines and we lived boundless what if we were not confined by the borders scribbled in violent red crayon on construction paper earth what if there were no refugees because there was no need of refuge what if we ended pain and fear today what if what if we were birds and instead of fighting we flew? what if we were free? what if we were painted the colors of the canvas, bright orange and midnight blue what if we were all beautiful beneath the dust what if someone had a rag to wipe off the grease stains what if red was just sunset and not blood on our hands what if we said good morning and we meant it?
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    Snap at me If you would just say something do something That would be appreciated Look at me but see me Is that too much to ask? Tell me that I’m enough even if not for you Remind me that I actually mean something to you because we both know it Your face lights up unless I’m seeing stars where only candles flicker I don’t care if you shove me against the damn wall Just react when I speak when I move Because I can push you back I can be the one that pushes you on You say nothing when I pour my life into your lap You let me feel like everything and nothing all at once And maybe I’m not drowning but I’m certainly out of my depth
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    you have grown out of misery loves company and into this too will pass. maybe this growth mindset, the kind that looks for sweetgrass in the lawn and daisies among the thistles, is what sets you apart. and trying to reacclimate into a group of misery loves company sort of close friends acquaintances after a calendar year is like eating a durian: messy, thankless, and better off left alone. it aint their fault, you suppose, heavily considering the cut and run option. you dont know them anymore. youre too happy for them. in this one year, you have learned six notable things: staring contests arent about who blinks first, theyre about whether or not youre aware enough of the big picture to see your opponent's friend stealing your TV in the background friends dont send friends dick pics scars heal over twice as strong communication is half of what keeps love going not everyone is an asshole but most cis men are this too will pass now is a great time for you to drop off their radar for three days, just to see what will happen. it's not like you have a choice, being out of town and all, but youll pretend you did, and they wont wonder. they didnt wonder for eleven months and seventeen days, but who's counting? not you, of course. not you. youve been displaced but that displacement left you kicking hard in the ocean undertow, learning how to swim with lead fins and salt eyes, and your acquaintances in the kiddie pool watched mayflies lay eggs in the filter and the algae discolor the concrete or stagnate by the wall. they floated easy on their backs and unlearned how to grow, or to dive, or to stand up (and thats a kind of stagnation too). you had begun to love the afterthought, the lost time, the idea of someone, the nostalgia for something half-remembered. and that too will pass.
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    you will grow stronger than sequoias and in time, you will touch the sky this whole earth is a blank page and your fingers are bleeding colored ink the waves of the sea cannot compare to your eyes oracle beauty universes wait to be unravelled, secrets yearning to be found sadness sinking in like fog over fields, but soon, the sun will shine through laughter, golden smiles even on sad days, you are truly ametrine you will find your way although wolves howl at night, you are safe here with us. ~~~~~ author's note: to selah, kalani, emma, alejandro, jocelyn, oliver, and emmelia. these could be read individually or as a single poem? i think i'm going to rewrite this with different line breaks because it seems a bit weird like this.
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    I love the first one! It's my favourite. The one about sadness being like fog I would have preferred if it was entirely just about the feeling of sadness, because I feel like you portrayed the emotion very well in the first two sentences and I wanted to sink into it more. I feel like that's not really what you wanted to say though.
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    Oh my god these characters are so so great
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    "awful bold of you to assume i believe in things like iNeRtiA and gRAviTy"
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    I did a whole Proust questionnaire for a new character I made named Ada. Here's some parts of it: (the font is weird because I copied it from google docs) What is your idea of perfect happiness? Ada: Perfect happiness doesn’t exist. What is your current state of mind? Ada: Well, by making me think about my current state of mind you’ve probably changed it. What is your most marked characteristic? Ada: Do you mean physical or the other one? If you mean physical, then my hair, but if you mean the other one than my logicalness. Logicalness is not a word, but it makes sense according to English suffix rules, so I don’t see any problem with using it. When and where were you the happiest? Ada: Well, this one time I was playing with my band and we were outside and it was just the perfect temperature and just the perfect windiness and it smelled like spring and it felt like spring and we played perfect like we were spring and not people. What is it that you most dislike? Ada: That beautiful things are supposed to sound poetic when you describe them, despite the highest point of beauty being the transcendence of words. What is your greatest fear? Ada: That I will go too insane, or that I won’t go insane enough. Sometimes when I feel that feeling like you aren’t part of yourself anymore and instead you’re part of the world, or the world’s thoughts, or someone else, or I don’t know, just something that you wouldn’t find if you took yourself apart, I think I’ve gone to far and I try to become myself again, but when I get back, I miss that feeling, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it again because I’m trying too hard to shield myself from it. Which living person do you most despise? Ada: I thought this was a serious questionnaire, not a gossip session. What is your greatest regret? Ada: I never told my best friend from Kansas that I was moving to Ireland, so now he probably thinks I’m dead or something. On second thought, even if he thought that at first, he’s probably realized by now that the conclusions you draw as a nine year old are often wrong, and corrected his hypothesis to something more realistic and closer to the truth. To him though, I’m really as good as dead since we’ll never see each other again. What is the quality you most like in a man? Ada: I really thought this wasn’t a gossip session. What is the quality you most like in a woman? Ada: Well, I understand the last question better now, but I don’t understand why you asked them separately since they should have the same answer. The ability to be someone you love and someone loveable. What do you most value in your friends? Ada: The ability to accept that presentable me isn’t all of me, but it’s all of me anyone outside my head is ever going to be authorized to see, because the rest of me is in a state of permanent disrepair. On what occasions do you lie? Ada: Never. It’s mutually detrimental and therefore as useless as eloquence. I always speak as true as I can, but I don’t try to make it pretty. In short, I tell all the truth but not a bit slant. What are your favorite names? Ada: Names aren’t important. They’re just a label so we can distinguish one person from another when we’re talking. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? Ada: I don’t deign to know the workings of the afterlife. Knowing if there even is an afterlife is impossible since no one can experience what’s after death and report back to the living. I think the most sensible idea is that nothing happens to us after we die besides our bodies decomposing. Our “soul” is only electrical impulses in the brain. Our whole experience of living is, really. It would be nice to think there’s something more after death, but it just isn’t reasonable.
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    My friend works in our town's rescue squad and her team says some pretty random things so here are some good ones: "Why do you have a cow spine?" "You're not in squad issued uniform!" "I don't care, it's dysfunctional Thursday." "Do fish hibernate?" "Bacteria can be male or female??" "Kroger starts with K. I find that morally wrong." "You can't control me! I'll come at you like a spider monkey!" "Want some vomit pants?"
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    I really love this? So much? And that’s why I don’t write much about my siblings ever, too, because what do you say about someone you’ve known their whole life and sum them up in a poem? But I feel like you did an awesome job. Your sister seems amazing.
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    oh yeah bitch ill eat all the hail i fucking want to
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    What if I replace "but like butterflies" with but in butterfly nets for gently appreciating
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    Oh god this is so cute and the imagery is fantastic!
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    I'm like that old house down at the end Of my street Beautiful and worn down Yet lasting But I can't help but think I'm being wasted And I'm better then this Better then all of this These girl jokes And subtle dismissals Sometimes I don't think you see what your doing I smile and laugh But inside I'm falling apart Is this who I'm going to be? Defined by my sex? Didn't you once give me that title "One of the boys" It was like the day I looked at my hands and saw callouses forming I was so proud And of what? Shedding my gender to be like you Yet... That isn't true But I can do everything you do I can even do more Show me once and I remember I'm being wasted I can be lasting like the house At the end of my street But how long can I take all of these Things before I start to crumble on the outside Not just on the inside? How long will I last With a cracking foundation?
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    I know I wasn't there when you needed me And that’s why you found someone else I swear to god I’m over you But when I see you with him sometimes I forget I’ve been going through a lot lately But that’s no fucking excuse And I know you’re really trying to help Trying to be my friend And when I don’t text back it hurts But I can’t help it Because some things are just too big to say over text And to hard to say to your face I know we haven’t been close for a while And we’ve both got some pretty serious baggage But I’m going to try not to fuck it up this time It’s hard because neither of us know how to open up At least not to each other Not in a way that matters And I know you’re really trying To accept the way I am It goes against what you’ve been taught I think I make it hard for you Because you want to fix me But not in the way I want to be fixed I know you’re trying to help me And when I shut down it’s not that easy But I’m working on it And I hope to be the same kind of friend That you’ve been to me these last few years Full of nothing but love and support And I know we don’t always see eye to eye And some things are harder for you Some things I’ll never understand But it’s okay not to be perfect Neither of us are And I hope things will get better I know I haven’t always treated you the way I should But there’s some things you just don’t understand I have boundaries for a reason And I know it’s cliché But I can’t risk getting hurt again Not by anyone let alone you And I know you care about me But I’m afraid of how much Because I know you’ve been hurt so many times And I wish I could take all that away But I cant and im afraid That I’ll only make it worse
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    Wind-whipped chaos sweeps across the sand and blue-gray-green waves crash along the seam of the land some find peace in the serenity of natural things—not as I do for its constant motion, tumult, uncertainty, imminent danger is still a constant, despite the chaos— disorder is a reassurance in its consistency so when I stumble into a quiet place off-balanced by the sudden roar of silence in my ears I think about the thunderstorms I've felt and how they pulled me toward the inmost chamber of myself how myself is a chamber of its own, my oyster-shell identity wrapped glimmering around my hidden pearl. to find shelter inside myself from sandstorm winds—grit in my teeth, eyes— is like a welcome inhale of coastal sweetness and salt may be hidden in the sweetness, but then the peace is only made sweeter white noise generators hold the same lullaby of constancy but lord knows mother nature does it best quiet conversation in coffee shops is mirrored in cricket-song and summer wind I find in nature as much pattern as disarray—what charm!— never did I think that chaos would be my home but the silence when it is absent is chaos in itself —chaos as departure from a norm, as deviation from bell-curve existence— chaos is a resting place, a sandy beach, a coral reef— an oasis of bright and different and alive I breathe looking up at all the water completely submerged I feel no pressure in my chest my lungs find new ways to peel themselves back for the openmouthed sun the phytoplankton sing of that sunlight on their tongues, of quiet serenity, and i sink into blissful dark unknown where my eyes don't see but there's a kaleidoscope in my soul and the kaleidoscope is like that one i find in your eyes, like the sinking into pillow-soft dawn and cricket quiet, like the serenity that enfolds me as i gaze up at the sun. this is our oasis. (Contributors: @queenie_flower @Hydra ’Liope @thepensword @catasterism @Apollo's Lover @writeandleft @conradbirdie @O. Captain @drowntown )