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    My boyfriend stalked my account on here and informed me I have 103 points and I screamed because I had checked literally 10 minutes before he looked and it was 83
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    Ladies and gentlefolk, my boyfriend can write better than I can.
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    I hope everyone who isn't in the RP threads is at least enjoying themselves reading them bc they're WILD and deserve to be shared with the world.
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    I'm crying, literally every character in the RP thread I started is from a southern homophobic/transphobic rural town
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    ok so i have no fucking clue the demographic here but the topic i posted in rp has 20 views and no takers so like idk heart this or reply if ur interested in a prompt-based rp with extensive worldbuilding and lore
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    I know the reputation points aren't supposed to be a competition but my competitive ass is seeing @drowntowns 233 points and screaming FIGHT ME, BITCH (love ya, bro)
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    i feel super bad bc i am not as good at poetry as...some people...and i know comparison is. bad but i can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!
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    bad news: woke up sore as hell, managed to work out for another hour to try and get rid of said soreness, but that just made it Worse so idk how i'm gonna do more physical therapy tonight :/ good news: accidentally came out to the dude who teaches me weight training and he was chill about it
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    okay but june's concerns about this being a murder scene are V A L I D bc she might be a WOC that outclasses them all in self-defense skills, she's still the only WOC and that means "you're the first to die" in murder movie talk.
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    the real question is "how obviously gay and in want of a shorter haircut do i have to be before whoever's cutting my hair stops asking if i'm sure a million times and then tells me i cant just shower and comb it and call it a day"
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    Writing has been pretty slow this week, sorry for bein away a lot! I hope you all are doin alright.
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    Well, I just wrote a poem that sounds deep and meaningful, but it’s actually about my colorblind friend looking through my hair to find a proper shade for Legally Blonde.
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    Okay I know we JUST started one RP thread and I still have NO CLUE what I’m doing at all but I have an idea for another one some other time. Hear me out: supernatural detectives. Like, a union of them with different specialties and methods for solving cases. Maybe one can talk to ghosts. Maybe another can see auras. Idk it’s magic. Anyone’s interested just like say something?
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    im fucking doing it here comes the magic lore rp
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    @Short_comedian the real question is how the fuck @conradbirdie racked up like 135 points in one month
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    me, wrapped in a fluffy white blanket, eating tomato soup: i like to live life on the edge
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    it's crazy how having just one other lgbtq person in the room makes me feel so much more comfortable
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    anyways i got home from a poetry reading an hour or so ago and i still find it objectively hilarious that one of my online classmates who has never met me in person recognized me via art style dskgjkdjgs like this dude mentally compared my pixelly as fuck Canvas profile picture with my equally shitty doodle and went 'oh yeah thats logan for sURE' he continued to compliment my poetry + art and then roast me for posting to the class discussion board 3 minutes past 12am, the due date sdkgjsdfjsdkfjs
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    why do i look in the mirror and think i'm ugly dammit stupid teenage brain
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    My jam sessions get fuckin' wild I was headbanging so hard my glasses flew off
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    Going to get a haircut in flannel and a beanie. We'll see how it goes @conradbirdie
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    this week on: "i thought i was over this piece of literature but now that i'm writing another paper on it i'm pissed and delighted again"
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    my fave part of the iliad is when achilles refuses to take a bath until he's buried his bf but promptly forgets about that in favor of feasting and sleeping to the point where patroculus' entire fuckin' ghost has to come to him in his dreams and go "CAN YOU P LE A SE JSUT BU RY M E" and the first thing achilles says is "why have you returned to me ????"
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    oof i've got a lot to do but i still want to reply to everyone's amazing poetry + writing so as a general thing??? holy shit i love all y'all, y'all did such a rad job, y'all are amazing
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    my brother: needs 1.5 glasses of water and horizontal position to swallow a pill me, cackling and shoving an iron pill, two vitamin D's, a vitamin C pill, & 3 lactaids into my mouth, no water: git fuckin' gud
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    For an array of reasons, my state of being is primarily just nervous laughter.
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    WOAH there's ELEVEN whole people here this is an INTENSE PARTY
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    HHHHHHHHH i want to write but my brain is A Dumb Fuck and will not provide me prompts :(
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    my new physical therapist is the most dudebro guy i've ever met?? hes sweet but bless his h e a r t
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    hi my teacher is complaining again abt the volume of straight white men in the submissions inbox so if yall want to pls submit to belletrist magazine!! just hit 'submissions' in the top right and theres a p good chance ill get to look at it since im staffing! have a great day yall http://belletristmagazine.com/
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    who else is Loving their Friends on this fine day??? i posted so much pda abt my friends...good thing they can't see it <3 i'm just. they're both so good?
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    This RP was a fuckin' PARTY last night and I'm screaming for a distraction from schoolwork
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    Pro Tip Of The ADHD Day: the find tool? is so good? the only reason ive been able to actually puzzle out what some of these academic texts im trying to study say is bc i picked whatever keyword i needed to know about and used it as an anchor, i Highly recommend it
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    im going to sleep but before that i'd just like to say: luigi
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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love lemmings he's my oldest + closest friend and i'm just, heart eyes he's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    RP OC Update: just realized I roped me, a straight girl with no gay boy in person friends, into maybe writing a gay boy. Well, let’s hope I don’t get offensive. *throws confetti*
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    I really like the spelling of your name. My aesthetic.
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    i keep leaning more towards 'i'm butch' but then still wanting top surgery and to start t and seen as masculine like 24/7 feels like too much to ask for? not for other folks of course, its just one of those If It's Me, Then It's NOT ALLOWED things. idk i'd love some advice tho
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    why do we still have movie tapes when we don't even have a VCR anymore?
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    oh my gd... so. do y'all know the band rush?? bc i just learned that the lead singer (geddy lee) is jewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am Excited :)
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    One week to chapbook publication, and I am learning that self-imposed deadlines are not my friend.
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    why are...people like this... me: types 3 words as an acknowledgement and intro to the conversation EB, a 19 year old adult: this is the worst experience ive ever had youre godawful and im here to belittle you because i didnt like the amount and order of the words you said
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    big ed tw, suicide tw i guess my sister claims i never had an eating disorder even tho i rly rly did in 7th grade like i was super underweight and i was using a lot of behaviors and stuff and my sister is like "oh but you ate" dumb bitch my psychiatrist said the amount and type of behaviors i was using could have killed me like i could have had a heart attack from how much i was purging, but apparently it doesn't count because i ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway i want to fucking die :)
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    me: im rly confident about my sexuality. just really comfortable about myself and sharing who i am with others someone i like even the slightest bit: hey are you like. bi?? gay? just an ally, or....?? me, immediately stressed: uhhHHHHhhhhHhHhhhhhhhhhh,
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    oh my gd so... my sister is in an iop (intensive outpatient) program right now, and she showed some of the other girls in the program some pics of me. apparently the three girls who saw my pics all said i was cute, and one girl said she's going to set me up with her sister? i am not sure if she was serious but gd i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yall i gotta stop reading any gay book i can find all in one really great night the second i get them??