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  1. oh lore?

    At the mention of candles, Radish passive-aggressively snuffed them all out with an ill-advised stomp of their staff. "You talkin' bout chillin? Try getting slurped straight outta yer own dimension, buddy." Exhaling pointedly, they scuffed one foot over the chalk of the summoning circle, trying to break the marks holding them inside it. "Makin' a joke, fuckers. I can't do wishes for free. That's genie bullshit. You wish for ordinary things like maybe not gettin' extremities chomped on and you oughta hope I'm in a good mood because I ain't bound to do what any a y'all's say."
  2. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    oh my god ok so ive been with clark for hhhhh four months? it doesnt feel like very long AT ALL and i treasure them so much theyre?? such a good author???? and im so proud ok theyre just. so good. just in general. so good. they live kinda far away but id literally ride the bus for as long as it takes to get to them listen im gay and i cant drive but im learning to drive for htem....listen....

    (fuck yall sorry apparently i missed the party sdkjgdjfsd) @Short_comedian Fuck? Okay? Nick was pretty damn sure that the contact in his phone labeled 'Dicklord' was not whoever had opened their home to him, but he was absolutely not about to say 'hey have we??? Met?? For long enough for me to assess your character as the kind of person who I'd put 'Dicklord' in my phone as???' so Nick's just kinda rolling with everything at this present moment. Feels good. Feels organic. Oh god please do not panic. Ok?? Grocery run? Nick did kinda need sustenance that did not take the form of freeze dried strawberries from a dollar store. And like, he'd technically prefer to stay in this apartment, but how would he say that without sounding like he was gonna rob this guy soon as he left? Exactly. Grocery run it was. Parting from the group (which was. growing alarmingly quickly, holy shit) upon actually arriving at the store, Nick dashed down the 'International' aisle for some instant kimchi rice, which was just as good as ramen with 3x the protein and at least 650 calories all packaged up in a nice lil container for $3 or less. Hell yeah. Slipping by Caenus to check out at another counter after grabbing bottled water, Nick continued to just kinda. Roll with whatever was happening. Oh. Ok. Wow. And Nick was feeling crowd panic in this Chili's tonight, yessir. He'd not bothered to like, talk to anyone really? Just chillin' with his plastic-bagged kimchi and trailing behind the group. Upon arriving back at Caenus' apartment and hearing the blanket ultimatum, Nick all but pounced on the makeshift bed and claimed two of 'em. Fuck yeah. Hopping up to stick his kimchi rice shit on the counter, Nick hesitantly offered to boil the water or something. "I'm Nick, by the way. Akoni. Nick Akoni. Have I... uh, I didn't catch your name." Smooth. Real smooth. Nick was hells of out of his league here but he didn't really. Want to leave? Because that felt rude? But hell, he's in some stranger's apartment. Fuck, he'd oughta clean the windows or something in exchange.
  4. Burning the Midnight Oil

    this is a good start, but i feel like the description could go further than the cliche repetition of 'star' here personally one word per line doesnt cut it for me but i like how it changes the way i read it, added pause between words i dont know what this means another cliche with the second stanza i thought the rhyme scheme would continue i liked the 'midnight / oil / burns' split, but this could be revised i think i really liked this line thanks for sharing this! keep writing <3 i liked this poem a lot
  5. oh lore?

    "How was I supposed to know I'd get summoned by GIANTS?" Whatever scrabbling hands happened to be shoving at them would be probably about at the side of their head or shoulders and, with a high center of gravity, Rad was about set to fall right the fuck over. Waving their hands about, when Voss tried to steady them he'd caught their elbow, and Rad roughly went to shake him off. "Alriiiiiight, eNOUGH of the manhandling! You want some fuckin' wishes? Start wishin' I ain't gonna eat yer fingers like fish sticks, homie."
  6. @queenie_flower oh my god im just...imagining june, who is 6 inches shorter than him, pushing a probably intimidating Nick out of the way bc pff who needs knocking wow kid put ur manners away and barging into the apartment...andi love it

    1. queenie_flower


      thanks I love her too and yeah nick probably was like thrown into the wall sorry about that (except not really he can take it)


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    2. conradbirdie


      @queenie_flower aw, neat!! which book? i'd love to read more ai/robot stuff!

    3. queenie_flower


      @conradbirdie I think it was genius: the game by Leopold gout, which was more on the recognizing-people-ai side than the robot side. Also good omniscient ai book was the first book of the illuminae files. Kinda confusing, but good if you could keep up. 

    4. conradbirdie


      @queenie_flower im always a sucker for humanizing ai, my dude. i'll check both of those out, thanks a million!

  8. oh lore?

    file at the end contains The Lore(tm) Prompt: something has just been summoned, and nobody has a fucking clue what to do with it or how to put it back, or what even went wrong. Current setting: Dark-ass storage closet where 2-4 friends had chalked up a summoning circle. It's suddenly very fucking cramped (thanks something), and oh shit the candles might set something on fire. What now? Ew, otherworldly hand. Right in the face. Y'all stop fucking screaming. Name: Radish (Rad) Age: Primordial Gender/Pronouns: good luck trying to keep up. stick with they/them to avoid 'i dont know what gender is but im going to try them all' confusion. Species: the demon that came out of the fucking floor Height: 5'3" Appearance: http://bit.ly/2DzOtkw Surprisingly humanoid. Blame it on chameleon capabilities, probably. Blonde hair, vaguely bluish-brown skin. Too-long sharp nails and teeth + stereotypical forked tongue, but very blue. Tall by the standards of wherever they came from, but by human standards rather short. Vows vengeance but can't change physical appearance in this dimension. Clothes resemble the uniform to a British guard at Buckingham, but in royal purple and without the silly hat. Later they probably discover the comforts of hoodies and jeans. Applicable Quirks: In literally any other scenario, Rad could unload almost any language they pleased. This good-for-nothing human dimension, however, limits them to English and Latin. At least Latin is great for spells. Quick Backstory: Underling of a hegemonic rule, they were one of the king's guards. Hey, at least it came with a nifty outfit. Weapons Abilities: Quarterstaff. Powers: Focus is an emerald in their staff, wood magically bent around it so it isn't visible. To use it, Rad's kinetic energy set is a series of martial arts steps that flow much like shadowboxing would. "Ow, FUCK." buckle up yall.docx buckle up yall.docx

    @Short_comedian Oh, fuckin' neat. Nick, a reckless fool, inputted the address into his GPS while still driving the interstate. In 32 miles, take a right onto Turing Ave. "Thanks, Karen. Your robotic input is as perfectly timed as always." Pointed snap of gum. The GPS, a generic thing, did not respond. Rolling into town on nothing but fumes and a tailwind, Nick refueled at the cheapest nearest gas station he could find, fishing his last fifty out of his hard cash reserves. Nothing but twenties and change now. Sure, the bank card worked, but he wasn't far enough away from home to trust it yet. His brakes squeaked in protest as he changed gears into park in the Karen-approved apartment lot. A quick smell check and mental calendar told Nick that since his last shower at a truck stop yesterday, he was probably in fine shape to be seen. Finding no other reason to procrastinate, he pulled the keys out of ignition and, by Karen's screen illumination, found his way to the correct apartment door. He knocked.
  10. im fucking doing it here comes the magic lore rp


    Name: Nick Akoni Age: 20ish Gender: he/him Species: human Height: 5'9" Appearance: Chin-length tangle of curly dark hair, brown eyes, chubby. Dresses like some teenage emo, what with too-big hoodies and black jeans and some ripoff Converse. Poor kid doesn't realize this is exacerbated by the fuckin wallet chain. Applicable Quirks: First-generation American to late Greek parents. Knows jack shit about Greece. Reads too many comic books, really. Deathly terrified of drowning. Quick Backstory: Originally a resident of a small town with an incredibly biased and fucking awful police force, at the tender age of 18 Nick had the bright fuckin idea to do vigilante shit. Like Batman, but poor and bitter. And thus: Tarfeather was born. Luckily for him, kickboxing classes were free with volunteer instructors, and this sap thought 6 months of that shit would prepare him for bringing justice to those who walked out of the courthouse sentence-free. (You know, shitty rich white boys who could get away with anything.) Nick's MO was simply to try and teach whoever a lesson via humiliation (aka: oh shit criminals keep getting netted like fish and hung in the net from streetlights naked). It was probably more a nuisance and nobody was getting hurt, but an officer 'accidentally' knocked Nick while he was out doing his vigilante thing from a tall pier at low tide. Yikes. Tuck and roll, kid. He almost drowned facedown in the tide. And yeah, wow, after that who wouldn't get the fuck outta there? He's living out of his car now, traveling the coast. Weapons Abilities: Kickboxing. Powers: None. Does he have Caenus' number? Who fucking knows. Could be a mistyped number or one of his old contacts changed their number, and Caenus got the number with a new phone plan. Either way, the area code was where Nick was driving through now.
  12. ok so i have no fucking clue the demographic here but the topic i posted in rp has 20 views and no takers so like idk heart this or reply if ur interested in a prompt-based rp with extensive worldbuilding and lore

    1. queenie_flower


      My dude I have no clue what I’m doing (I mean I never do but E S P E C I A L L Y with this) but I’m in

    2. O. Captain

      O. Captain

      I can try to make a character today!!

  13. Burning the Midnight Oil

    may i give you an extensive critique? there are a few things i could go in-depth about :0
  14. @Short_comedian the real question is how the fuck @conradbirdie racked up like 135 points in one month

    1. conradbirdie


      @drowntown my grandiose image of myself says 'im just too likable, step the fuck up @Short_comedian, my friend' but my logic says 'posting a ton and sheer luck'