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    contrast exercise colliers.png

  2. My City

    I LOVE FIREFLY AND I LOVE THIS POEM (hey jess have u watched serenity. here is joke. how do u clean up after a battle w the reavers? wash the harpoon) I SHOULD WRITE A CITY POEM
  3. image.png.d36bbe44ee3fcf377dcbb99f09292a6b.png

    @conradbirdie thank u for coming to my hell tedtalk

    1. conradbirdie


      it was a hell time thanks bro

  4. @rat-kid hey saoirse come back :(((( ill buy u candy from the daiso across from stone gardens

  5. Dreams

    i made out with clark on a bed in a guest room in the back of a mcdonalds after waiting in line for food at said mcdonalds
  6. roadside flora

    give me thunder or give me sugar or give me the black charred roses trod under the blood moon where i intend to make this hate a harvest we aint here to save ourselves & a mouth begat a swing, & a swing begat the fall, & the fall begat the splatter, & the splatter begat the swish and spit, & the swish and spit begat caffeine headaches pushing sharp behind my teeth like so many daisies & that's a kind of mourning too my fists hang heavy like summer peaches just over the fence a thing that ain't beautiful but deserved by those who get too close wasn't it enough? how i find you, thirst for something vermilion, fingers closing around soft arteries & pulling, always pulling pick a fight like an opium poppy & get hooked on the sting
  7. roadside flora

    im the least musically talented person you will ever meet
  8. the two genders,


  9. hey my phone died but voice chatting with yall was super fun!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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    2. conradbirdie


      shoot, im sorry i missed it! i'm glad yall had fun, though <3

    3. drowntown


      probably the FUNNIEST thing to me was marshall going "in my head you have a deep voice" right before i joined the voice chat with my high-pitched white fuckin' valley girl-sounding ass

    4. thepensword


      first of all you don't sound like a valley girl

  10. The Greater Good (Pt. 2)

  11. Discord?

    i cant get to discord from home (only skype) but ill join tomorrow!



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      meet me in the pit queenie sjdgskldjfklsjfs

    3. queenie_flower


      MY SONS GOING TO COLLEGE PT 2 I’m so proud kiddo I’ll jump in the pit

    4. O. Captain

      O. Captain


  13. this is part of an online quiz and my teacher gave me 2 hours to a) answer an essay prompt and B) write this based on a prompt.... you dont gotta know the prompt i just need help on whether this flows or not (yeah youve seen parts of this before. i reused it because i doubt my abilities to write a good logopoetics poem in one hour) your irises are hackmanite, and whites fall luminescent under UV and the people stand close like Oz munchkins it's too radiating hot where we're pressed together, all incandescent eyestrain purples dancing across the floor, music rattling our lungs and pumping through our ears; apple shampoo-scented tango, with caffeine sharp behind my teeth. your skin feels blurry. and im whispering clark, and you're whispering 'i can't believe i had my first kiss at a fucking wizard of oz-themed redmond high school homecoming dance. i dont even go here.' your lipstick looks so, so blood fuchsia in the dark, neon strawberry waiting by the water fountain, i got mistaken for a popular instagram blogger. i had to tell her no, tell her i aint the fleek-ass bae she's lookin' for she looked right through me, all my flash (bang!) matte glitter "my god, your dress!" comes from the bathroom. i am an underdressed glory the gold sequins of hourlong toil are little suns of the dance floor my shoes scream of the ethicality behind the millions of times ive jumped on them so far tonight as i gusted through your soul. the tension in the air is enough to hobble dogs with, my mouth will blink quietly. after poe: quoth the raven, birds in the weather die together eso si que es o dearest of the dance floor, my grammarian lion, i can bear your heavy heart and that neon lipstick looks like love smeared at the corner of your mouth
    1. drowntown


      ok what the FUCK i just wanted the gif of the lady being mad

    2. drowntown


      whatever im tired

  14. help is this good i need advice in the next 50min

    well nevermind i submitted it skdjgksjfsfds
  15. also psst i need help

    @Apollo's Lover here u go buddy
  16. are you happy? was it worth it? we cower and flinch, brother and brother, shoulder to shoulder under warning palm-striking wooden spoon, tyrant of mistakes. i remember the little things that shape me, like the enduring, ingrained compulsion to eat pizza crusts regardless of dislike after you made my brother eat his out of the trash in 2007. i remember when you beat him over and over for telling lies. i remember when you found out he hadn't been, and gathered his little body into your arms like you could undo all that hurt with a sorry or two. i don't think he ever forgot. i remember being young and criss crossing behind a chair in the corner of a hospital waiting room when my sister was born. i remember the first time you hit her. dad remains the passive one, too shy and mellow to lift a hand to anyone. you are a force to be reckoned with. the me that was yours is no longer the me that is. i fear making even the smallest mistakes regardless that i know i've grown too much for you hit me anymore; this anxious thrumming beneath my skin is a tenuous thing, and at the worst of it, two years ago, i found new ways to bring my life closer to the endless stratosphere. in the night i dream of being your worthwhile son. are you happy? was it worth it? identity is a fluctuating, neverending thing, one of constant ebb and pull that beckons me out to the wide blue river mentioned in passing by gretchen weirob within a dialogue on personal identity. the water within is distinct but constantly flowing through, and yet the river it is remains the same river it was. her metaphor stood on both legs but for twenty-four hours, kneeling then at the feet of philosophy and laying out to be picked over and strung up by the fingertips for examination by later generations. john perry begs me to find myself. timeline theory flows from between my teeth, each syllable dripping from a new reality; the one in which i was loved is not the one i inhabit now. the one in which i am yours is not the one i inhabit now. and as i step forward into this branch of here, this branch of now, the parameters that my identity operates within resets; the stars above my head shift just a little to the left, and polaris blinks openmouthed at me while my prolixity lapses into quiet rumination. i forgive myself. and when the garage door rumbles open i flinch and my heart kicks me into fight-or-flight, tying my vocal cords closed and bowtied and shuttering the reason behind my eyes. your first orders come at a shout like barking rottweilers through the door, and my sister flees upstairs. every quiet, circuitous sentence is a plea laid at your feet; asking anything of you outright is a struggle. a friend's house is water circling the drain. you scream at me for clarity, and my mouth sews itself shut, sutures all catgut and copper wire. are you happy? was it worth it? i cannot speak.
  17. soapbox

    @Apollo's Lover u stand on a soapbox to make a big announcement in the town plaza (or so the sayings/connotations go)


    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Can we see the poem?

    2. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Also, on another note, can you explain to me how to put status updates?

    3. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Oh, I see you put up the poem.

  19. what's being a teenager all about? that's right, drawing sexy planes with dicks for an audience

  20. image.png.50aed59e22e631430311dea806e5eb7f.png

    aw hell yeah

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      (bro what box? the image file?)

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      Yea I really don't know how to post images

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      ctrl+c and ctrl+v, dude

  21. hello folks im in hell

    oh hot damn this is my jam leg bounce? leg bounce? clickclickclickclick mouse? pen? either works eternal munchies: the saga gotta have something to chew on no music? guess ill die taptaptaptaptaptap type LOUD and FAST just because of the clickety clack three-note scale repeats. repeats. repeats. nothing to fidget with? aggressive fixing of hair ITCH FAST, clack fingernails sitting down? ankle roll, ankle roll standing up? tiptoe until you cant anymore wiggle shoulders, bob head, rock your center of gravity "how are you not single" good motherfuckin question gotta fidget, dude, check messages/websites OVER and OVER them spinners arent enough and i gotta keep my hands free leg bounce? leg bounce? can't quit these internal monologues turned imagined arguments god damn that second story window? all grey-ass fuckin' sky suddenly something to soft-focus your eyes on forever "what are you doing?" "sometimes you just gotta dance, you know?"
  22. royalty name

    buy my silence
  23. royalty name

    how dare you
  24. royalty name

    The Second Heir