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    "Oh my god. I mean, mood. Sans superpowers." Nick mimicked Harley's movements, dinner plate eyes watching Four inquisitively. "Whoa, shit, hi. What am I explaining? Because I'm gonna make it clear right the fuck now that if I'm explaining myself, in general, I have no sense of identity at all. So. No dice there, pal." Wiggling his phone, though, the screen rotated distressingly because the screen lock was off but fairly clearly on the screen was some emo bullshit. "Music? Bluetooth?" @conradbirdie

    "You callin' Spiderman normal? Kid got bit by a radioactive arachnid??" Nick snorted, cocking his head as Harley got close. "Of course I have all four, what do you take me for? Free, too. Ripped 'em from YouTube. Add that to the list of unproved criminal activity, m'dude." Chuckling, he pulled out his old-ass first-gen Moto. "Takes up half the space on this thing. You got Bluetooth? We can share pirated spoils." Letting the 'emo completion' comment go with a shake of his head, Nick felt super gay in this Chili's tonight. @conradbirdie
  3. my brother: needs 1.5 glasses of water and horizontal position to swallow a pill
    me, cackling and shoving an iron pill, two vitamin D's, a vitamin C pill, & 3 lactaids into my mouth, no water: git fuckin' gud

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    2. drowntown


      DUDE SAME and in elementary school the person who could successfully tackle the other person without getting caught by recess monitors was apparently the Thing To Impress so like. maybe that's a weird PNW cultural thing who fucking knows
      bottom line is kids to weird fucking shit to impress each other once i got into a paper eating contest with nate from kindergarten

    3. conradbirdie


      OH MOOD but i just ate paper for fun tbh like?? chewing on shit?? sign me the fuck up??? i also distinctly remember this sweet boy in second grade who love holding my hand and giving me kisses on the cheek and the whole time i was like "??? cool, love this, but How Is This Impressing You????? let me carry you around"
      my #2 fave Impressive Move was trying to carry people and HONESTLY IT STILL IS

    4. drowntown


      oh my GOD mood my queer friends and i pick each other up in displays of strength and since im like. the shortest and willowiest out of all of them it's always great when i can pick up someone 2.5x my size dkgjsldjgsdfs


    "Dude, y'know there was like, an entire series about Gotham cops trying to kill Batman? Vigilanteism is so illegal. Hey. I said unproved." Kind of a frown. "You mean four. Four albums, actually." You're making a reeeal great 'not an emo' case here, Nick. @conradbirdie

    "Hey, I said unproved. Who says it's me? Well, a lot of people do, but who can prove it's me? Well, probably someone, but until that somebody frames me I have deniability. So. Unproved. Ha. Take that, your highness." Scraping the bottom of the paper-styrofoam hybrid bowl with his fork, Nick finished up his rice and stuck the fork in the sink and the bowl, after a little hunting, in the trash. @queenie_flower

    "While I agree with those ethics, that sounds more illegal than unproved vigilante-ism." Cracking half a grin and mockingly hoarding his bowl out of ganking range, Nick set it back down after a half second of being facetious. "Uh. I don't actually think you're a loser, I think you're an....emo." Nailed it. Victory kimchi noshing.

    "Okay, Harley, you have me beat in illegal activity. So Caenus, he's the lawhopping fugitive, not me." As per Harley's emo explanation, though, Nick's mouth fell promptly open into a D:< face. "Let me be emo in peace, alleged loser. I don't actually think you're a loser. I suck at comebacks." @conradbirdie
  8. box block (tw past abuse)

    hello, my name is beaten (teacher, teacher, call roll last names only, please) shoes kicked off to dance floor edges one sock black one sock grey sub-basement floor to ceiling mirrors line far wall (and bare pipes line concrete hallway ceiling. to clint: that is a natural gas pipe. we are the canaries.) we face the mirrors. right jab, left jab, hook, knee. block. block. hands up, forearms pressed together. box block. hook. step, pivot, roundhouse. focus on the motion do not focus on the thing you are insuring against pair up. practice hold escapes (teacher, teacher, call roll last names only, please) he demonstrated the 'domestic violence choke' (aside, to me: what a terrible name) focus on the motion do not focus on what you are insuring against box block. twist. palm strike. try not to flinch when your classmate's cool hands touch your neck box block. twist. roundhouse.
  9. oh lore?

    Snrk. Play nice. Deals. Honestly, Rad was just trying to avoid some faerie fishhook shit at this point, because they'd been at the tail end of that before. And trying to pull out a whole mess of metaphorical hooks to liberate yourself? It went about as well as if the hooks were literal, and sunk in their chest. "Yer soundin' a little like a fool here, boy. All stay in the circle but the minute you got excuses not to yer invitin' me into your domain. Half chance: smarter than you look. Also half chance: no idea what you're doing. 'Sides, what makes you think I wanna go back? Huh? Y'ain't know the first thing 'bout where I come from, do you?" Attempting to step out as nonthreateningly as possible, Rad's bare clawed feet tapped doglike against the concrete floor. Their staff stood at their side, and they were more than a little pissy at having to look up at their supposed captors.
  10. oh lore?

    file at the end contains The Lore(tm) Prompt: something has just been summoned, and nobody has a fucking clue what to do with it or how to put it back, or what even went wrong. Current setting: Dark-ass storage closet where 2-4 friends had chalked up a summoning circle. It's suddenly very fucking cramped (thanks something), and oh shit the candles might set something on fire. What now? Ew, otherworldly hand. Right in the face. Y'all stop fucking screaming. Name: Radish (Rad) Age: Primordial Gender/Pronouns: good luck trying to keep up. stick with they/them to avoid 'i dont know what gender is but im going to try them all' confusion. Species: the demon that came out of the fucking floor Height: 5'3" Appearance: http://bit.ly/2DzOtkw Surprisingly humanoid. Blame it on chameleon capabilities, probably. Blonde hair, vaguely bluish-brown skin. Too-long sharp nails and teeth + stereotypical forked tongue, but very blue. Tall by the standards of wherever they came from, but by human standards rather short. Vows vengeance but can't change physical appearance in this dimension. Clothes resemble the uniform to a British guard at Buckingham, but in royal purple and without the silly hat. Later they probably discover the comforts of hoodies and jeans. Applicable Quirks: In literally any other scenario, Rad could unload almost any language they pleased. This good-for-nothing human dimension, however, limits them to English and Latin. At least Latin is great for spells. Quick Backstory: Underling of a hegemonic rule, they were one of the king's guards. Hey, at least it came with a nifty outfit. Weapons Abilities: Quarterstaff. Powers: Focus is an emerald in their staff, bronzed wood magically bent around it so it isn't visible. To use it, Rad's kinetic energy set is a series of martial arts steps that flow much like shadowboxing would. "Ow, FUCK." buckle up yall.docx buckle up yall.docx

    "Emo? The fuck's emo??" And oh hell, yep. Sword. "Y'all, I already almost fuckin' died once, thanks. Shit ain't fun. No murders." As soon as one was available, Nick promptly forked piping hot instant food into his mouth as a way to avoid conversation with a mouthful. Hmm. First degree burns. Delicious. "Wait, fuck the law? Who's running from the law? Did I say that? Why're you looking at me when you say that?" And to himself, ponderously, "is that what emo means?? Fuckin' criminal?" Dropping his half-full disposable bowl on the counter with the fork still stuffed in his mouth to free his hands, Nick deftly caught the Windex. Sticking his fork back in the bowl, he muttered "you dare doubt the power of anxiety cleaning?" Nick wasn't even going to touch the argument between June and Agnes, instead picking his bowl back up in place of the Windex, which he'd gone ahead and stuck on the counter. He stared into his bowl like if he didn't watch it, it'd sprout wings and a beak and bite him. Kind of feeling like retreating to a two-blanket nest with his food, Nick self-vetoed on the grounds of potential mess-making on the carpet. Not that he was prone to spills, but it felt rude. @Short_comedian@conradbirdie@queenie_flower@The Invincible Troodon

    "Oh my god?" Somehow Nick hadn't connected the dots, you know, to the AI being an AI. He would have commented on Harley's candy bar choice but the fact that his kimchi bullshit dinged in the micro and the label did, in fact, say 650 calories. "Where's the uhh forks? Can I obtain forks for the party?" Those sure were words that got said just there. Great job, Nick. @conradbirdie@Short_comedian
  13. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Welcome to 2k18 twenty gayteen! Time for another collective Slam poem :00000 i figure this one'll start today (jan 02, 2k18, 11.25PM) and then end on the 31st at midnight Rules are like usual: one person starts, add one cohering line at a time, etc etc hOWEVER this time i think im gonna have a theme which is....... *drumroll please* space!!! some spacey words to get u started: starfield, galaxy, lightyear, solar, radiation, Jupiter, astrochemistry, gravity, meteor ok whoever wants to start can go for it! (not a rule but if u want you can tag the person u want to add a line after you) happy writing!
  14. image.png.869b1ed0323574936b3c85325e0a23c2.png

  15. i think my most favorite phrase is "Yeah? Fuck?" because it's so goddamn versatile

  16. afternoon capsule in ionian mode

    sodium streetlights mimic sunwarm settle wards in the wires and dark bubbles thick beyond night gusts scudding clouds warm enough to fill lungs with forest and tempt feet to sprint scale up. scale down. 6 pm black just enough for imagination who drives past dark? the shadows crowd in and evergreen fingers stretch full familiarity melts into gutters and reflective road rhinestones
  17. how to trick the captcha beast (and other handy tips)

    godddddd this makes me so nostalgic for the old site omfg........

    "Yeah? Fuck? Dude, I like. Already made internal plans to secretly Windex all your glass surfaces, but. Y'know. For starters, I've got no fuckin' clue where the Windex is." Silently noting the others' names, Nick just kinda nabbed some of the semi-boiling water, poured it into the mess of kimchi-flavored rice krispies-esque instant rice, and put the pot on the stove again while commandeering the use of the microwave. "And uh. I think you were pointing at me. I'm Nick," he introduced awkwardly to Harley. @Short_comedian@conradbirdie (wow i missed a Party)
  19. intro things :D

    plural of beef: beeves plural of octopus: octopodes have a nice day
  20.  hi my teacher is complaining again abt the volume of straight white men in the submissions inbox so if yall want to pls submit to belletrist magazine!! just hit 'submissions' in the top right and theres a p good chance ill get to look at it since im staffing! have a great day yall



  21. oh lore?

    "Yeah? Fuck?" They scuffed at the lines again, eyes narrowing. "Yer in a fuckin' school? Buncha amateur majyykers up in my business? Bet y'all didn't even aim for summoning me, either?" A grin began curling across Rad's face, slice of sharp white teeth reflecting in the dim candlelight, as would any demon considering conquering a dimension they perceived weaker than them. "An' you had the gall to stick yer foot directly inside the circle? D'ya even know what you're workin' with? Try it again. Dare ya." Radish edged their foot towards the chalk (and really, whose idea was chalk for summoning circles? Sure, it may be semi-inert in its earthen properties but seriously, what a fragile thing) pointedly while raising their staff two inches off the floor, poised.

    @Short_comedian Caenus. Gotta fuckin' remember that (and change the contact name from Dicklord, holy shit). "I, uh. Road trip? And your...contact number. In my phone. Yeah." Nick shrugged, fiddling with the lid of his kimchi rice bullshit. "From closer to the coast. Up north."
  23. oh lore?

    At the mention of candles, Radish passive-aggressively snuffed them all out with an ill-advised stomp of their staff. "You talkin' bout chillin? Try getting slurped straight outta yer own dimension, buddy." Exhaling pointedly, they scuffed one foot over the chalk of the summoning circle, trying to break the marks holding them inside it. "Makin' a joke, fuckers. I can't do wishes for free. That's genie bullshit. You wish for ordinary things like maybe not gettin' extremities chomped on and you oughta hope I'm in a good mood because I ain't bound to do what any a y'all's say."