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  1. u kno how those popular tungle users......tyde hypeswap..hal turing-tested....max broblerone...

    cicada vers: logan drowntown

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    2. mousecircus


      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @conradbirdie i am maybe about to cry??? i love being addressed Like That (w/ my Internet Full Name, you know??) and i am an Emotional Person

    3. conradbirdie


      HEY MOOD, @mousecircus?? ily too, dude!! i guess i'll address u w/ ur Full Internet Name more often, then!

    4. hayfevered


      Oh No i didnt know that! im sorry abt bringing him up and im so mad that all the big blogs turn out to be fucking horrible and i hope ur having a good day violet mousecircus <3 !!! <3 <3