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  1. welcome to astrology....take a fuckin sip, babes
    aquarius. murderfish, wweh, friendzoned terrible little bitch

    Pisces. adorable little fish. glub glub!

    capricorn. stoner. hOnK

    scorpio. spiderbitch. 8 eyes. THEMS THE BREAKS.

    sagittarius. sweaty horse man. fists. how lewd

    libra. justice. blind. licks things

    virgo. the mom friend. carries a chainsaw, always.

    leo. an actual cat. tears apart prey ;33

    cancer. loud shout crab. wears black. fucknugget

    gemini. horrible horrible computer nerd. origin of 'hoe don't do it'. pii22

    tavros. bigass bull. Peter pan kin. is half the man he once was
    Aries. dead things!!!!! ribbit.