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  1. @thepensword@conradbirdie@Short_comedian@queenie_flower@mousecircus@The Invincible Troodon@Apollo's Lover@Ainm

    to elaborate on the ominous message i left on discord, my dad found me with my smartphone (which, as y'all will recall, is one that i bought myself because im not allowed to have one) and so im in panic mode right now....but if someone can tell terran im doing ok that would be great?

    my dad went back downstairs because hes clearly fuming (but he?? also clearly has No Idea how versed i am in this particular art) so i factory reset my smartphone and i currently have a decoy iphone 4 out to see if i can tell him it was That One and then be let off the hook. i love you guys ill see yal on the other side

    1. thepensword


      i love you logan and i really hope everything turns out okay for you. we're all thinking of you. 

    2. hayfevered


      @thepensword hey thank you so much....im hoping everything will be ok because my decoy wont turn on so it's extra safe..im feeling less anxious and i really hope this works

    3. thepensword


      sending good luck your way

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