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  1. intro things :D

    *wink wonk* (sdkgjsdgsdfs i dont have a great mic at all but color me interested)
  2. i am somehow following 35 people dkgjsdfjs odds are if youve visited the site even once i followed you

  3. Looking ahead/Checking in

    ooo yeah i was wondering about that too......especially about Best of the Slam 2017 participants?? Will those extra copies still come in the mail? and it would be really cool to be able to purchase print editions of past issues from an archive.....

    i have no idea why this field is required
  5. im sorry, mom

    im sorry, mom about your cyclamen-- i swear i tried to keep it alive, all vibrant ruffled pink and cool, white-veined green im sorry, mom about your burning bush-- i swear i tried to do it right, all beryl pointed oval leaves and dying, half-turned vermilion im sorry, mom about your hydrangea-- i swear i tried to water it well, all multitudinous blues and crisp, summer-dry brown im sorry, mom about your daughter-- i swear i tried to keep her alive, all vibrant ruffled pink and cool, blue-veined white im sorry, mom about your daughter-- i swear i tried to do it right, all ballet pointed shoes and dying, half-hearted magenta im sorry, mom about your daughter-- i swear i tried to water her well, all multitudinous ringlets and cracked, summer-dry skin im sorry, mom about your son-- i swear i tried to weed him out, all maple doe eyes and tenacious not-daughter vigor im sorry, mom about your son-- i swear he tried to prune himself back, all rosebush hands and unfortunate thorn-sharp red im sorry, mom about your son-- i swear i tried to love myself right, all the ways you wont and i lovingly chest-bind white i know youre not sorry, mom but this is the best i can do. Author's Note: ekphrastic poems are basically poems based on an image or work of art or something like that inspo: my mom's cyclamen

    omfg yeah id add it but the 'edit' button seems to vanish after a certain amount of time dkfjskdgjsds
  7. pls vote in my poll sdksdlfjs i just wanna know who all's interested in that nanowrimo write-in and the forum/thread format isn't as convenient as an IM system to me............. so pls....vote..

  8. los que viven en la arena

    and i know that angels draped in gossamer have a tendency of sticking around, if only on barberry and milk thistle and cactus standing guard across not-quite-prairie and dust dervish, flat sea to intermittent, rocky island. and i know that angels draped in gossamer have a tendency of sticking around, if only on earthly tethers and human baggage and stubborn canine standing guard behind guiding hand and escape attempts, stoic tin routine to buzzing vulture wings. Author's Note: another ekphrastic poem for class, this one done in a 10-minute free write and unedited. picture inspiration was a photo from mexican artist Graciela Iturbide's collection 'los que viven en la arena' (those who live in the sand). http://www.gracielaiturbide.org/los-que-viven-en-la-arena/03-5/
  9. NaNoWriMo

    i have been incredibly tempted to self-publish through amazon (since it's free to publish and offer digital/soft cover) and then order a copy of my own soft cover book..........
  10. Characters!

  11. NaNoWriMo

  12. NaNoWriMo

    .........can i mash all three buttons at once or is that illegal skdfjskjfs
  13. i have a trackpad and mspaint and i love suffering
    here are my boys from my nanowrimo mess

    in order of appearance: emo mess keith, soccer mom shiro, shiro


  14. Characters!

    the person i based shiro off of is sitting next to me right now howling sdkfjskdfjs
  15. bug log/community q&a

    hi im logan and im semi-competent at website navigation skills it's nice to see yall on the other side also the site keeps logging me out at random intervals *dabs*
  16. Characters!

    omfg this is awesome and i love your memorable quotes so fucking much sdkfjsdjfs most of my characters are living shitposts and i dont even know if ripping shiro and keith as the mains of my nanowrimo autobio AU fic counts as 'original' (hint: it totally doesnt) but im doing this anyways bc it's all i got for the moment shiro: 19, apparently. fond of yoga pants and eyeliner. and fuzzy white coats. is very tall and dabs unironically. has 55k instagram followers and runs a gang of kids who dont know what theyre doing. chaotic good. keith: like, 16 or 17. terribly gay and a pining fool to boot. dresses like an emo scene kid, because it's just that phase in his life. short and forever angry about it. a living meme. writes sappy poetry and is a whole mess. true neutral. matt: side hoe. probably 18. hasnt been Formally Introduced yet, but keith is always texting him, or skyping him, or drawing comics for him, or writing poetry to send him. as far as the reader knows so far, matt is probably fairly normal compared to keith and shiro's shenanigans. (oh, no. ohohoho no.) chaotic neutral. lemme know if u want the shitty mspaint doodles i did of keith n shiro *dabs*
  17. NaNoWriMo

    skdgjsdkjfs i wish i was that organized (also yes please omfg id love to read excerpts......and 8k is really good so far im proud of u :0000
  18. NaNoWriMo

    oh jesus i only have like almost 6k words so far and im hitting MAJOR writer's block because this is the biggest undertaking ive ever done lmao skdjgsdfs and yeah it kinda turned into a voltron fanfic by accident after my qpp requested that one of the characters be named shiro and it kind of went downhill from there......... uhh the working title is 'any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is incredibly not coincidental but you can't sue me anyways' and the plot is more or less an autobio shitpost behold, the meme team:
  19. im sorry, mom

    it absolutely matters i love yall too much omfg ;w; <3333
  20. chapbooks!

  21. 'rank: imago' 



    i googled it it's 'the final and fully developed stage' aka insects

    (the egg>nymph>imago ranks are kind of cute omg)

  22. im sorry, mom

    omfg <3
  23. chapbooks!

    omfg id love to see a few chapbooks!!! my mom knows how to bookbind and i know a little bit about it and now im really interested
  24. chapbooks!

    im not familiar with the concept of chapbooks but im thinking of putting together something with what i consider the best of my work in it?? i was gonna call it an anthology but i think an anthology is compiled of a lot of peoples' work but uh yeah ainm's got me inspired to do something like that as well..... it's a really good idea honestly?? and like. i was also thinking about self-publishing through amazon bc i hear that's relatively easy?? ive heard about online write-ins where people gather on an IMing client and chat while we all work on our respective projects (kind of like a coffeeshop poetry jam) and i think it would be super cool if some people here wanted to self-publish at the same time or something :000 like cicadamag poetry club
  25. sunspot

    omfg thank you...... i have to admit that im all aesthetic and no actual knowledge about space, but that definitely gives me some ideas :0