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  1. so i downloaded grammarly for an essay i had to write and now it won't leave me alone 

    i don't care about the 4 errors you've found in this go away

  2. *chooses the salmon in the poll of the week bc i like to consider myself handsome and goal-oriented*

  3. idk if it's only me but i can't see the signatures when im logged in?? like if i log out they're all there but not when i'm on my profile

    anyone else?

  4. intro things :D

    clearly don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you anything else its l i e s
  5. intro things :D

    english is frickin weird
  6. intro things :D

    i'm down for that man also more than one moose is meese just sayin welcome to the slam!!
  7. it's becoming more and more apparent with every passing day that i'm not going to shave my legs again for a very long time

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    2. conradbirdie


      literally the only downside to unshaved legs is that thermal layers + stuff get kinda Itchy but i mean, tbh?? free extra layer of Warmth

    3. flamecoloredglowstick


      @drowntown i guess i have a dance recital later in the year but no one else shaves their legs either so maybe i can get away w/ it

    4. flamecoloredglowstick


      @conradbirdie like, why not use it if you've got it man

  8. heartbeats. if there is not room for all the things you need to say shrink down to the size of insignificance and pay attention to what you're made of. atrium. here you will find scar tissue and building block memories in a castle of too-sharp pain. there is something beautiful in broken things, learn to appreciate it and maybe maybe maybe some of the loose puzzle pieces will fall into place. veins. the things you tried to forget are here. when she doesn't talk to you anymore, come here. when you're afraid of losing him, come here. wrap your shoulders in warm-breathed nights of unholy confession, in arms covered in sharpie because we're too young for tattoos. live in the past for a moment or two while you still have the chance. ventricles. step inside and put your hands behind your back clasp your fingers like you're trying to keep from falling apart and watch. if depression is a chasm this place is a mountain dreams like blue-white water froth and your soul is an ocean. maybe if you squint your stained-glass eyes and hold the breath you're already losing there might still be hope. vena cava. fill your lungs with stale air and breathe out something fresh. don't shake too hard. take one last look at the twisted ground you don't understand. like preschool art or a homemade card it's probably worhtless but someone still cares. ________________________ author's note: i live for using different pronouns in romance-y parts of poems
  9. Seven Impossible Things and Jokes that are Totally Jokes

    nice job! i really like your first two lines! it's just such a neat twist on a phrase i've heard a bunch of times on the feedback side of things, the poem would probably be just as strong without the words in parentheses in the fifth stanza, but that's up to your personal taste and i think the ending wraps everything up nicely. keep writing!
  10. oh shit these roleplays look really good but i don't have any tiiiimme

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    2. conradbirdie


      oh bless thats so good of you!! im proud!

    3. flamecoloredglowstick


      i just wouldn't be able to keep up with it right now y'know... too much to do

    4. conradbirdie


      thats so mature of you!! good JOB, and no worries, there will 100% be many more chances!

  11. it's crazy how having just one other lgbtq person in the room makes me feel so much more comfortable 

  12. if you ever need something to laugh at, run your own writing through google translate a bunch of times and then put it back into the original language

  13. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    and that before long we'll be floating in the emptiness around us, broken stardust and meteor chunks
  14. Book suggestions?

    yes and yes yesssssssssssssssssss also yes
  15. me: hardly sappy at all, afraid to show feelings to anyone, tries to act like a stone cold statue

    my characters: crying 24/7, 'you're the first person i've met who's made me so happy that i don't know what to say', get way too attached way too fast

  16. y'all wtf i just logged in and i had 20 notifications


    i was gone for less than 24 hours what happened

    1. conradbirdie


      like 4 people were online at once, it was a Party

    2. queenie_flower


      Yeah I had 38 and nearly cried bc I missed all the fun

    3. flamecoloredglowstick


      yeah im sad i missed it


  17. so idk if anyone else has written any road trip stories (it's kind of a cliche i know) 

    but for half of the story im writing my characters are driving, and like, there's Nothing for them to do?? except talk to each other?? now don't get me wrong a good deal of my writing is characters talking but they're just sitting there JESUS CHRIST it's kind of difficult

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    2. flamecoloredglowstick


      @conradbirdie ooh a storm's a good idea i might steal that

    3. conradbirdie


      Steal Away ! take that storm and run w/ it!

    4. flamecoloredglowstick


      @woundedBirds omfg that place sounds hilarious

  18. warning i don't know if the photo will work

    but! i said i was going to start drawing, and i did! it's not very good, but i've just been doing it for a week or something.

    these are a couple drawings i did of characters of mine (i think i maybe mentioned them in the characters thread)


    photo 2 (1).JPG

    1. conradbirdie


      nice job, dude!! starting is the first step, it doesn't matter one bit if it's good or not, you drew it, and thats what counts!

    2. drowntown


      whoa this is so good! im impressed this is only a week! i recommend that if u decide you want to keep with it that instead of studying traditional drawing books you study anatomical kinesiology books. the pictures are so good for reference ok if u want i can post some pictures from my textbook

    3. flamecoloredglowstick


      @woundedBirds thanks! okay, i'll remember that! and that would be great, if it's not too much trouble

  19. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Because if they weren't, you'll be more broken than before
  20. untitled

    there's something worse about being self-aware. when it's 5pm and i'm trying to fit in when it's 7 and i'm failing when it's exactly 11:26 and i'm trying not to cry. and maybe i don't want all our conversations to be about sex because there's more to the world than that and i don't want you to tell me in badly disguised tones that you're a happy group without me. but the thing is that i know being a teenager is hard and dumb and pointless teary eyes i know i know i know but it doesn't hurt any less and even though i think it should the knowing never changes how i feel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's note: Friends are hard.
  21. so i think i might take up drawing again??

    i feel a little weird saying that bc i've been so active in the past about it being Not My Thing, but it's something that i'd really like to be able to do

    1. conradbirdie


      live ur dreams, draw some art, my dude! dont make the mistake i did of seeing it as work, do it because you want to and make it fun for yourself!

  22. untitled

    yep haha i am aw thank you!!
  23. untitled

    true, true
  24. untitled

    It feels unwhole, being here with him. Like we’re so so close to whatever we should be, but we’re not there yet. He looks at me and I look at him and God, it doesn’t feel right at all. “I’m sorry,” I say. He shakes his head. And I think he means I’m saying sorry that he thinks his parents don’t care, but I mean I’m sorry about your brother and I’m sorry we don’t talk anymore and I’m sorry that I kissed you. He takes my hand. And we don’t talk, like we should, we just sit. The sun sets. It’s not perfect romance-movie watching the sun disappear from the top of a cliff. It’s not perfect domestic-married-couple watching the sun disappear from the back of the porch while reading in happy silence. It’s a fraction of perfect, two almost broken boys watching the sun get swallowed by brick. His fingers are cold. So I turn the car heater on and hold our hands, still clasped, up to the vent. He shivers. If this were that perfect romance movie I would drive us out of town and we’d climb into the back seat. But it’s not, and we’re both tired. His eyes are closed. I ask him if he just wants to sleep. Not drive anymore for tonight. He rubs his thumb along the side of my hand. Turns in his seat so he’s facing me and pulls his knees up. “I missed you.” He says.
  25. i just found a giant black spider in my toilet and had to flush like twice to get rid of it

    it was not fun

    1. conradbirdie


      yeah that doesn't Sound fun!!