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  1. sometimes i'm sad and then i remember that one of my favorite books is getting a sequel

    also: has anyone read the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue??


    1. queenie_flower


      No but I’ve heard I should. Give me a summary please?

    2. flamecoloredglowstick


      it's set in the 1700s in england and it's about this guy monty, whose father is an earl (i think but tbh i don't really remember the exact word.) and monty's kind of messed up.

      so anyway monty and his friend/crush percy are going on this tour of europe before monty has to take over his father's estate. and there's romance and adventure and lots of representation 

      also monty's sister is great i love her so much

      i probably did a crap job of that so here's a link to a more offical summary https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29283884-the-gentleman-s-guide-to-vice-and-virtue 

    3. queenie_flower


      Um heckity heck yes