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  1. Some tips

    Seems like the search function doesn't cover old Slam posts. Anyone else notice that?
  2. Some tips

    I can't find any content from the old Slam... How could I find that, or is it lost forever?
  3. The Seven Sins of Allie Rose

    I'm not like other girls With their tan legs Painted nails And short shorts. I'm a bookish girl With sun-deprived skin Freckles on my face And too-big jeans on my legs. I'm a self-conscious girl Who freezes up on stage Extremities going numb Quivering, nervous vibrato. I'm a complemented girl It comes with playing violin And being well read And knowing the answer most of the time. I'm a hurried girl A guilty procrastinator A reluctant practicer Who knows that Ender's Game isn't homework But that three page essay is. I'm a wanting girl Who reminds herself to eat less Buys too many books But doesn't know what she wants for her birthday. I'm a hoarding girl Never able to let objects go The shelves of my room covered in things I don't need, but still want. I'm a spiteful girl Disliking only one person at a time But forgetful of grudges Hopeful others will be forgetful of theirs. I'm an uncertain girl Never able to answer that inevitable, offhand inquiry So, who do you like? But I do like people, I'm just not sure who. I'm just like other girls With our flaws Our insecurities Our accomplishments Our wishes Unique. I'm a lucky girl With a loving family Loyal friends And problems that seem so small Knowing others.